Nominations for the 2011 NSW Premier’s Literary Award were announced yesterday— including the $30,000 Script Writing Award.

The award has been offered since 1990, and past recipients include Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom), Rolf de Heer (Bad Boy Bubby) and Chris Lilley (We Can Be Heroes).

This year’s script writing award nominees include Shirley Barrett for South Solitary (Macgowan Films), Glen Dolman for telemovie Hawke (The Film Company), Michael Miller for The Hero’s Standard (Knapman Wyld TV, SBS), John Misto for telemovie Sisters of War (Sisters of War Pty Ltd), Debra Oswald for TV series Offspring (Southern Star Entertainment) and Samantha Strauss for Dance Academy, Episode 13: Family (Werner Film Productions).

Last year’s winners were Jane Campion for Bright Star and Aviva Ziegler for the television series Fairweather Man. It was the second year that Campion took home the prize— also winning it the first year it was awarded.

Winners of the Premier’s Award will be announced on the 16th of May.

Nominees for the Script Writing Award

Shirley Barrett— South Solitary, (Macgowan Films)

Glen Dolman— Hawke, (The Film Company)

Michael Miller—The Hero’s Standard, (Knapman Wyld TV, SBS)

John Misto— Sisters of War, (Sisters of War Pty Ltd)

Debra Oswald— Offspring, (Southern Star Entertainment)

Samantha Strauss— Dance Academy, Episode 13: Family, (Werner Film Productions)

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