Press release from Palace Cinemas

Set in architectural elegance, Palace Cinemas is the perfect blend of passion, sophistication and class whilst providing the crowds with the latest in 3D technology, a decadent selection of fine wine and the latest in art house and mainstream cinema that will suit everyone’s tastes.

With 3D becoming a necessity among cinema chains, Palace Cinemas has put in the best 3D Dolby technology at both Palace Balwyn and Palace Dendy Brighton to offer its customers nothing but the best in this digital age. With films like Shrek Forever After and Toy Story 3 all releasing in 3D and with the newest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows also following the trend, 3D is set to become the staple key feature when visiting the cinema in the 21st Century.

Having already been in the 3D market for a year, Palace Cinemas 3D sessions are among the most popular with children and parents alike admiring just how far this technology has come. No longer must you look through uncomfortable cardboard glasses to get the effect you can now by putting on the sophisticated new eyewear that suits everyone’s needs. With the best technology and sophisticated surroundings, Palace Cinemas provides everyone with a cherished experience on and off the screen.

For the latest in 3D sessions at Palace Cinemas, please visit or call Palace Balwyn on 9817 1277 or Palace Dendy Brighton on 9592 7815.


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