Paul Hogan in ‘That’s Not My Dog!’

Thirty-two years since Paul Hogan made his fame and fortune in Crocodile Dundee and 17 years since Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles was released, Hoges has not lost his marquee appeal for distributors around the world.

That’s clear as theatrical distributors in multiple territories have pre-bought his comeback movie The Very Excellent Mr Dundee! , in which he will re-team with his That’s Not My Dog!, Charlie & Boots and Strange Bedfellows director Dean Murphy.

International sales agent Kathy Morgan, who is an executive producer on the comedy co-written by Murphy and Robert Mond, is confident of closing more deals after the supporting cast – Australians and US stars whom Hoges admires- is announced.

“Paul is a much-loved icon worldwide,” says Morgan, whose Kathy Morgan International pre-sold Simon Wincer’s Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles to every international market. “The concept of the film and Paul’s brand combined with his friends who will join the fun satisfies audiences’ need around the world for comedies and movies that touch our hearts and inspire us.

“We have locked in some territories and we will soon start discussions with US distributors. After we announce Paul’s friends, who are an impressive bunch, I think we will do lots more pre-sales.”

Murphy and producer Nigel Odell approached Morgan at Hogan’s suggestion and she later dined with Hogan in Los Angeles.

As IF reported, Hogan will play a fictional version of himself as he’s on the brink of receiving a Knighthood for services to comedy. “Don’t do anything to mess this up,” his manager tells him. Despite his best efforts, the next six weeks sees his name and reputation destroyed.

Shooting is due to start in LA, Vancouver and Australia next month. Transmission Films has secured the Australian rights.

Kathy Morgan.

Morgan, who launched her firm in 1992, an eternity ago in the realm of financing and selling independent films, has broadened her role by helping producers to secure gap funding and equity investment.

Before launching KMI she was in charge of worldwide sales for Hemdale Film Corporation’s vast film library, which included Platoon and The Last Emperor.

She introduced Odell and Murphy to London’s Piccadilly Pictures and Singapore’s Salt Media, which are backing the production.

Both entities are involved in Ambience Entertainment’s contemporary remake of Storm Boy directed by Shawn Seet, which KMI is selling and will be released here by Sony. She has screened the family film for buyers and is in the midst of closing deals.

Keen to step up her relationships with Australian filmmakers, she aims to handle the next film from writer-director Shane Abbess after representing his 2015 horror/thriller Infini.

Also she is talking to Ambience Entertainment’s Matthew Street and Michael Boughen and executive producer Robert Slaviero about another project.

“I think there are huge opportunities for Australian filmmakers to take these wonderful Australian stories and IP and expand so they are more  international, not just created for the Australian market,” she says. “It’s such a pleasure working with my Australian producers. By the way, the subsidies aren’t too shabby either.”


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  1. Hogan is an unfunny dinosaur. I hoped the slow moving train wreck that was ‘Hoges’ the mini-series would finish him, but he’s sadly not done yet. This regrettable sequel will hopefully be the last time he disgraces cinema screens

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