Sydney 1960-1972

In early 1960 Rupert Murdoch was considered the ‘boy publisher’ – barely competition to a media empire such as the Packers. However following a suburban Sydney newspaper acquisition he receives an invitation for tennis and cocktails from Australia’s most prominent media family, and by the end of the day Sir Frank Packer, with his sons Kerry & Clyde, attempt to run him out of town. Little do they realise the young man with the chubby cheeks will one day be one of the most powerful media players in the world and he’s not about to go home!

Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story takes you into the hearts and minds of the families who’ve shaped Australia’s media landscape, revealing their private passions and heartbreaks, their ambitions and failures. As the Packer heirs discover there are only one set of keys to the kingdom and their father, Sir Frank, isn’t about to hand them over, Murdoch is already looking beyond Australia’s shores. Regardless of which side you play for Power Games: The PackerMurdoch Story is a gripping mini-series, from the producers of highly successful premium Australian dramas Howzat!, Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo and Puberty Blues.

Produced by John Edwards (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, Love My Way, Offspring) and Jodi Matterson (Not Suitable for Children, Razzle Dazzle), this mini-series stars Lachy Hulme (Howzat!: Kerry Packer’s War, Offspring) as Sir Frank Packer, Patrick Brammall (Upper Middle Bogan, A Moody Christmas) as Rupert Murdoch, alongside Luke Ford (Animal Kingdom, Red Dog), Alexander England (Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War), Heather Mitchell (The Great Gatsby, A Place to Call Home), Maeve Dermody (Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, Beautiful Kate), Hamish Michael (Crownies) and Anne Looby (A Country Practice).

Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story is a Southern Star John Edwards Production for the Nine Network Australia.

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