Phil Lloyd and Genevieve Morris in ‘Sando’.

Genevieve Morris (No Activity) will lead the cast of new ABC comedy drama Sando, shooting in Sydney over the next six weeks.

First announced last month as part of ABC’s new comedy slate, Sando is a Jungle production, written and created by Phil Lloyd, who also stars, and co-created by Charlie Garber.

Morris plays the six-part series’ titular character, Victoria ‘Sando’ Sandringham, “Australia’s queen of the discount furniture package deal” who has been estranged from her family for over a decade and is trying to reconnect.

The initial fall out was due to a one-night-stand with her daughter’s fiancé (Firass Dirani), that was shockingly revealed at his wedding to her daughter (Krew Boylan). After a health scare and her professional nemesis (Rob Carlton) primed to push her into the abyss, Sando is determined to rekindle a relationship with her family.

Adele Vuko (Skitbox), Uli Latukefu and Dylan Hesp also star.

Chloe Rickard is the producer and Erin White (It’s a Date, Little Lunch) and the Van Vuuren Bros. (Bondi HipstersSoul Mates) are directing. Jungle’s Jason Burrows is EPing along with Rick Kalowski and Andrew Gregory from the ABC.


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