The Australian sound industry is in mourning today after the news respected sound supervisor, Andrew Plain, has this morning lost his battle with cancer.

In a heartfelt press release distributed to media, ASSG President Doron Kipen described Andrew as “a great sound story teller, generous to all who knew him, a mentor, a collaborator, a joker, passionate; but always with a deep caring for the precious film project trusted to his care. Above all else he was a gentleman. Andrew was always a delight to be around, he had a hearty and distinctly individual laugh which will linger in our ears and in our hearts forever.”

Doron then spoke to IF about Andrew and what he meant to the industry.

“Andrew is one of the key focal points for creative sound work in our industry, and in some respects as the face of modern sound,” he said. “There’s a whole generation of guys in their 50s and 60s now who have come through the technological change from film through to contemporary digital technology, but have been able to bring that experience through.

"In some respects we’re facing the start of [a period where] businesses that have grown and developed, and [possess] all that creative force and energy and experience, and then the creative heart of them drops away.

"It just brings everybody’s mind to focus on that very key issue about the longevity of the industry and the way that the baton either will, or will not be, passed from generation to generation… So we’re actually starting to see the end of an era. I guess that’s why so many of us have been so deeply moved by his early passing.”

Andrew’s career included highlights like “The Sapphires”, “Oranges and Sunshine” and “Knowing” amongst many other acclaimed projects.

Doron also pointed out that despite Andrew’s illness, he was still in attendance at the ASSG Awards a mere three weeks ago. “We were all so pleased to see him out and about and amongst friends. We will all be the poorer for his passing.”

Finally, Doron told IF about his personal relationship with Andrew, whom he is thrilled to have sat next to during the ASSG awards ceremony.

“I never worked closely with him but he was a giant – a giant of a man, a giant of a focus for beautiful sound work in our industry and he’ll be missed. The funeral, whenever it is next week, the industry will be there. To me, he was a giant. It’s a real great loss. A lot of very sad people are around today I have to tell you.”

The ASSG would like to offer their most sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family Adrienne Parr (Treasurer ASSG ) and his daughter Isra.

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  1. The industry has lost a great man, and many people a great friend.

    An official Memorial Tribute page has been set up on yourtribute[dot]com.

    Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Guest Book – it’s a wonderful opportunity celebrate Andrew’s life and remember him. Not sure if I’m supposed to post a link here, but go to yourtribute[dot]com and search for Andrew Plain.

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