Updated:  2017-07-10 05:07:02

Status:  In Production

Category:  Feature

Teaser: Principal photography begins May 15 on ‘Reaching Distance’, the first feature from ScreenInkMedia.

Synopsis: The film follows Logan, a cynic with a photographic memory whose life has gone off the rails since the death of his twin sister. The story picks up on the night Logan finds his sister’s killer and follows him onto a night-rider bus. But his plan for revenge falls apart when the line between past and present begins to fracture on the journey. As he searches for answers, Logan discovers he has a complex past with every single other passenger.



Cast : Wade Briggs, Morgan Griffin, Matt Day, Meyne Wyatt, Eddie Baroo, Tara Morice

Producer : Kayne Taylor, Becca Saunders

Production Company : ScreenInkMedia, Deli Agency

Director : David Fairhurst

Writer : David Fairhurst

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