‘Revealed: No Mercy, No Remorse’ (Trailer)

John Silvester.

In the second title of Stan’s Revealed series, The Age’s veteran crime reporter John Silvester undertakes a forensic examination of ‘Frankston Serial Killer’, Paul Denyer.

In 1993, 21-year-old Paul Charles Denyer murdered three women in Frankston, Melbourne across a seven-week period: 18-year-old Elizabeth Stevens, 22-year-old Deborah Fream, and 17-year-old Natalie Russell. Denyer is currently serving three life sentences for the Frankston murders but will be eligible for parole in June 2023. Despite murdering three women, he could be allowed to return to the community he once terrorised.

Directed and produced by Terry Carlyon, Revealed: No Mercy, No Remorse includes the police tapes from Denyer’s interrogation, as detectives work tirelessly through the night to unravel Denyer’s version of events. It took more than 1500 questions by lead investigator, Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Wilson, and his team to break Denyer’s story – an interview still considered to be a murder interrogation masterclass.

Revealed: No Mercy, No Remorse will premiere Thursday June 23 on Stan.