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In what has already been a significant year of expansion for Silver Trak Digital, already one of Australia’s largest duplication and authoring companies, the company announced that industry veteran Rod Capon has joined their team to head up their in-house digitisation department.

Silver Trak MD Christian Christiansen said, “Rod joining our team is a real coup for Silver Trak Digital and our clients as he is very well known and respected in the industry for his many years of experience, trustworthiness and knowledge of media asset management. Rod is the perfect choice to head up our digitisation department having handled well in excess of 10,000 programme hours for clients including Grundy Television, Beyond, Southern Star and FremantleMedia. He’s a real one of a kind.”

Capon brings with him over 28 years industry experience in a plethora of areas including digitisation, duplication, authoring and asset management to name a few.

Christiansen continued, “Here’s the real advantage for our clients – Rod’s sole purpose is to help them take any legacy formats and efficiently turn them into digital files. From the client’s point of view it couldn’t be more straightforward. As part of the service Rod will be advising on MAM and archiving solutions that will fit the client’s requirements and take care of any issues that can occur during ingest, transcoding and storage. Rod is one of the best and most experienced people in his field and his reputation really does speak for itself.”

Silver Trak Digital has gone from strength to strength enjoying significant growth every month since the business was taken over by Christiansen and his ever-expanding team in January this year.

Rod Capon said, “The real difference between what Silver Trak Digital is offering compared to other companies is the sheer level of expertise and depth of knowledge we have in taking care of every possible type of legacy format. Tapes can also be cleaned, baked, restored and finished to saleable broadcast quality very cost effectively. The added bonus is our in-house consultancy service where we advise clients on how to create better efficiencies in their workflows. This is something we are doing more and more of and I’m delighted to say the business as a whole is growing at a rapid rate.”

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