SBS launches campaign to promote landmark documentary

Press release from SBS

SBS will launch a cross-platform marketing campaign on June 19 2011 to promote its landmark documentary series, Go Back To Where You Came From.

Go Back To Where You Came From is the epic, raw, provocative and compelling journey of six ordinary Australians tracing-in-reverse the steps of modern-day refugees to Australia.

The three episodes will air next week – Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June – coinciding with Refugee Week.

SBS Marketing has created a series of on air promotions, ads for print and online and an online offer on its website ( which provides previews and catch up episodes. It will also offer a unique simulation that provides participants with a scenario where there is major upheaval in Australia that would make them want to flee the country, providing an experience that millions of refugees and asylum seekers face every day.

SBS is encouraging dialogue in the wider community with Go Back To Where You Came From featuring extensively across SBS Radio programs during Refugee Week, including interviews with program participants and talkback programming giving listeners an opportunity to discuss the issues raised.

SBS Director of Marketing, Jacquie Riddell said: “Go Back To Where You Came From will provoke debate and discussion among around the issue of refugees and asylum-seekers in Australia and the marketing campaign has been developed to reflect this. It is part of our philosophy to engage with and lead the debate of multicultural issues that affect Australians.

“A multi-platform marketing strategy is key to helping spark this debate and keeping the conversation going long after the program has ended. It was important to execute a strategy that would reach out to viewers across print, online, radio, on air as well as having a strong presence in social media.”

Go Back To Where You Came From will appear heavily across SBS’s social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, generating discussion on the back of this three day television event taking it beyond Australian’s TV screens.

SBS commissioned the documentary from Cordell Jigsaw Productions.