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Did you know that heavy coffee drinks love SBS program Dateline, while red wine buffs tune into World News Australia and vitamin takers soak up Sunday Showcase movies?

These are just some of the findings revealed in the latest series of SBS’s landmark research reports that provide advertisers with detailed insights into consumers’ TV viewing habits, including lists of their favourite SBS television programs.

The comprehensive reports for advertisers and media buyers, called SBS Connections, explore opportunities for advertisers to connect with key audience targets in specific product categories. The latest in the series reveal the habits for consumers of beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Included in the reports is specific information that matches consumer behaviour with viewing patterns.

For example, consumers of red wine considered World News Australia, Food Safari and Global Village as their “must see” SBS programs, while heavy consumers of coffee nominated Dateline, Food Safari and Cutting Edge.

Those viewers who purchased analgesics weekly, nominated their “must see” SBS programs as Thalassa, Sunday Science Documentaries and Cutting Edge, while heavy purchasers of vitamins watched Sunday Showcase Movie, Saturdays movies and World News Australia most often.

SBS Director of Commercial Affairs Richard Finlayson said the SBS Connections series would provide advertisers with valuable and detailed information designed to highlight the unique audience strengths and engagement of the network.

“The SBS Connections series enables advertisers to identify the volume targets in their product category and to understand the quality connections with SBS programs,” Finlayson said.

“Both reports found that these people were actually light viewers of commercial television but medium to heavy viewers of SBS. This means that SBS is an effective and efficient way to increase penetration and impact of these hard to reach target audiences.

“SBS has the shortest breaks on television and those shorter breaks result in 83% higher consumer recall and 45% more engagement, making it the best place for advertisers to tell their story. In 2009 SBS continues to provide advertisers with a powerful platform to really connect with their audiences.”

The first four studies in the SBS Connections series covered the finance, real estate, travel and technology industries.

The latest Beverages report covers spirits, wine, tea and coffee and soy, sports and energy drinks; and the Pharmaceuticals report covers anti-smoking products, cough/cold remedies, vitamins and analgesics.

The reports delve into the SBS audience profile, including gender, age, occupation, income and lights viewers, and matches this data across the product categories and SBS programs using OzTAM and Nielsen Media Research Panorama data.

The SBS Connections category reports will be complemented by SBS’s new trade advertising campaign ‘Avoid the Clutter’ that humorously illustrates how clutter is burning advertisers’ marketing budgets and reinforces awareness that SBS has the shortest advertising breaks on television.

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