Meg O’Connell and Anna Barnes. 

Writer Anna Barnes and director Meg O’Connell’s vertical murder mystery series Apollo has been selected for development under the Snapchat and Screen Australia initiative.

When the class president of an exclusive boarding school for the elite is is murdered, a former student turned private detective returns to investigate. Her only lead is that everyone at the school is obsessed with an astrology app called Apollo. Barnes and O’Connell are teaming up with producers Dan Lake and Jackson Scott, executive producers Justine Flynn (The Unlisted) and Kurt Royan (Slim & I), and story producer Beatrix Christian (Picnic at Hanging Rock).

Barnes and O’Connell are experienced in vertical production as two of  creatives behind Ludo Studio/ABC iview comedy Content.

The team will receive $15,000 AUD of development funding and take part in workshops in May with the Snapchat development team based in Los Angeles. Due to current travel restrictions, the workshops will take place online. After the development period is complete, the project will then be considered for production.

Screen Australia online investment manager Lee Naimo said: “This team have a proven track record of creating innovative and well-crafted series that resonate with younger audiences. Apollo is perfect for this platform, making the most of the mobile interface and app elements on-screen, to engage with Snapchat’s audience. We look forward to developing the concept with the team and Snapchat in the upcoming workshops.”

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