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Screen Australia today released a draft Statement of Intent (SOI) that sets out broad principles for the direction of the Commonwealth Government’s new screen agency.

The draft SOI is a response to the Statement of Expectations 2008/09 from the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts.

Representatives from Screen Australia will consult with industry organisations, practitioners and State Agencies throughout Australia regarding the draft SOI over the next two weeks.

Screen Australia will use the directions articulated in the SOI as the basis for developing the suite of programs to be offered in 2009. A second round of industry consultation regarding guidelines and programs will take place in October.

“Given the introduction of the Producer Offset, Screen Australia has a unique opportunity to align its programs to be more efficient, focused and relevant,” Fiona Cameron, Screen Australia’s Executive Director of Strategy and Operations said. “We are looking forward to receiving input from the industry to develop the details of these programs.”

The SOI includes ideas for the development, production and marketing of screen content including an enterprise development scheme to build a stronger production sector and arrangements for recognising and rewarding success and achievement by Australian practitioners.

Screen Australia commenced operations on 1 July 2008 and will deliver the programs of its three predecessor organisations – the Australian Film Commission, the Film Finance Corporation and Film Australia – until the end of the year.

A copy of the draft SOI and the Minister’s Statement of Expectation can be downloaded from www.screenaustralia.gov.au/soi

Comments relating to the draft SOI can be posted online at the Screen Australia website.

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