WA Culture and Arts Minister John Day has announced that Screenwest will transition from a government agency into an independent non-profit.

Offically, Screenwest will convert from an Incorporated Association into a Company Limited By Guarantee. Changes are expected to be in place by July 1, 2017. 

Minister Day said Screenwest had reached a point in its development where a corporate structure would help boost the agency and the local industry. 

“The changes will make it easier for Screenwest to form market partnerships and source funding leverage from third parties, including the Australian Government. It will also allow Screenwest to be more responsive and flexible to industry changes and opportunities,” he said.

“While Screenwest will be independent, funding will be maintained from the Department of Culture and the Arts, Lotterywest and the Royalties for Regions program."

The news came as Screenwest moved into its new home in the East Perth ABC Buidling. 

“This is about fostering a critical mass for creativity,” Day said. “The East Perth creative hub promises an exciting new home and to drive even more screen industry investment.

“The hub will be a production incubator, providing headquarters for Screenwest as well as offices and co-working spaces for producers and creatives for short or long-term lease.”

"The screen industry will also be able to hire the purpose-built ABC film and television studios and support facilities including make-up, costume and green rooms, props storage, and sound and post-production facilities."

“Having quality infrastructure and accessible and skilled local crews will help put WA in pole position in the competitive production marketplace.”

ABC MD Michelle Guthrie welcomed Screenwest’s move.

“The mandates of the ABC and Screenwest are similar  we both work hard to produce exceptional local content. More broadly, this move is indicative of the ABC’s close ties to the broadcasting and screen industry.”

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  1. Nice press release but can we have some insight into what this means… does this mirror any of the other agencies or is an entirely new thing? Will this see SW operate differently to the other agencies? Does a “corporate structure” that “forms market partnerships” mean it will act closer to a production company than a government-funded org?

  2. This is the most concerning move I have read to-date. I have fought against this structure–without the highest level of transparency measures. Otherwise, the defaco production company structure will put a lot of people out of business while centralising control in a very small groups hands. It is terrible news. The move to integrate FTI into the structure, while making sense, will see a restraint of opportunities into the future. It is very concerning when the Asia arena is bullish in media and opportunities are growing across the area.

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