Darren McMullen will host 'Behave Yourself!'

Channel Seven has commissioned three local light entertainment programs. Of the three, two are original formats.

“The quality of the work coming out of our development team is exceptional,” said Seven’s director of network programming Angus Ross.

Instant Hotel and Back with the Ex have been created by Seven’s own production department, while Behave Yourself!, a comedy panel show, was co-developed by Seven and Eureka Productions, to be produced by Eureka. 

Instant Hotel goes inside the world of home-owners renting out their properties as holiday accommodation.

The competition series will see home owners vie for the title of best Instant Hotel, with personal taste open for judgement as teams travel the country and stay in newly created ‘hotels'. 

Back with the Ex reunites singles with an ‘ex’ they’ve never been able to forget, while Behave Yourself!, a comedy panel show featuring comedians and celebrities competing in fun physical games, promises to investigate the "fascinating facts behind why we do the things we do".

Behave Yourself! will be hosted by Darren McMullen and based on the experiments of behavioural expert and author Dan Ariely.

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  1. Pity they’re all flipping reality programs. More local dramas and comedies is what need. ABC have got it right, with Seven Types of Ambiguity starting soon, Newton’s Law, Dr Blake, etc.

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