Screen Canberra and artsACT have awarded nearly $100,000 to seven local projects as part of the ACT Screen Arts Fund.

The funding covers production and/or post-production for short films and games, as well as professional development, mentoring and project development.

Sophie Harper, senior fund manager for Screen Canberra, says the depth and breadth of screen talent in the ACT is very much on show in the 2022 round.

“There’s a strong sense that something is growing here,” she says.

“The quality of applications was high and competition was fierce. Screen Canberra, in partnership with artsACT and the ACT government, congratulates all applicants and is delighted to support these seven projects and the teams behind them.”

The list of recipients:

Prajdnik Awasthi – animation post-production

Marionettes (and the Virtue of a Lotus Flower)

The fate of marionettes are sealed as they are stuck inside a cycle of suffering; the mother questions their existence to the god and supplicates for liberation from an unfortunate tradition.

Kite Shield Interactive – game development

Legion Fall

Kite Shield Interactive is mix of industry graduates looking to accelerate its business to the next stage by developing Legion Fall, a role playing game (RPG) that explores Roman history and mythology in the Gallic wars of 52 BC.

Christine Ryan – development (writers room)

Ninja Worrier

When the ultimate worrier decides to stop worrying, the journey becomes more worrying than she ever expected. Ninja Worrier is a comedy about a very funny person who is concerned that her anxiety is stopping her seeing the funny side of life.

Nathan Collett – documentary development and production

A cinematic documentary on the unconventional relationship between a group of wild peacocks and human residents in an Australian suburb.

Nick Delatovic – feature film script development

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart, a supernatural neo-western feature film. When she is lured into the Outback by a hunter bent on revenge, a vampire cursed with conscience must decide what deadly lengths she will go to escape the coming sunrise.

The script has been supported to second draft by Kristian Moliere of Triptych Pictures.

Eleanor Evans – animation development/pre-production

Storyboard and stop-motion puppet development of stop-motion short film based on the story “The Fairy Woman and the Three Cockerels” by Pixie O’Harris.

Jessica Beange – feature film slate development

With mentorship from experienced editor Perri Cummings and producer Stephen Luby, Bea nge will develop scripts and pitch documents to market Summer Camp, Leona and Victims of Crime.

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