Shoot Out celebrates 10 years

It has been 10 years since The Shoot Out first seduced brave film fanatics to the Hunter region for the world’s first independent 24-hour filmmaking festival.
Since then The Shoot Out has watched more than 10,000 contestants take the challenge. Some have triumphed, others have flopped in spectacular fashion, but all have contributed immeasurable cinema buzz and fun to Australia’s film landscape.
In 2008, to celebrate a decade of the festival that has become a worldwide success story, filmmakers will again be dared to take on the ultimate 24-hour filmmaking challenge. Their task – make a film less than 7 minutes long in just 24 hours with out editing.
Filming begins Friday, July 11, at 9pm, when contestants will be given a list of items they must include in their film. They have until 9pm Saturday, July 12, to submit their masterpiece.
The Shoot Out 24-hour Filmmaking Festival was born in Newcastle, the brainchild of a local director fed up with filmmakers’ bright ideas going to waste because of financial constraints. There had to be a way to circumvent the lovingly referred to “coffee and bullshit” phase of filmmaking and give creative types a chance to actually get their vision, or something similar, to the big screen.
Groups of friends, families, first timers and filmmaking veterans have since taken the challenge, and all have an equal chance of success. “The Shoot Out is about having a go. With a camera in hand anyone can be a filmmaker,” says Kristi Street, founder and director of The Shoot Out.
For its 10th year, The Shoot Out Newcastle will enjoy a change of scenery, with its new headquarters the vibrant and iconic café strip of Beaumont Street, Hamilton, and surrounding areas.
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