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 In the most significant development of recent times for one of Australia’s largest digitisation, duplication and authoring companies, Silver Trak Digital today announced it has launched its long-awaited Media Sphere™ end-to-end digital workflow solution. Media SphereTM is the first single point solution in Australia to truly encompass all aspects of digitising, transcoding, technical assessment QC and digital distribution workflows.

Silver Trak Digital MD Christian Christiansen explained, “Media SphereTM brings together all of Silver Trak Digital’s technologies and workflows in one simple, cloud-based solution. Media SphereTM provides the complete solution for anyone handling assets in the broadcast, production or post production industries and critically takes care of every service required from ingest to final delivery including the ongoing storage of assets. While assets are stored on our secure server they can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world and able to be put through to any number of processes including editing, restoration, colour correction, eCinema, iTunes, QC, authoring and duplication at any time. It’s that simple.”

Media SphereTM was developed to serve organisations such as TV stations, TV networks, production houses, post production facilities and movie distributors that traditionally use many different service providers to get their assets ready for final delivery and broadcast.

Silver Trak Digital Technical Manager Rod Capon added, “Media SphereTM is a single point resource which means you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers or service providers any more. Media SphereTM is also connected through high-speed fibre to enable the movement of data faster than ever before. The servers we use are safe, secure and have a high level of redundancy so there’s no need to store assets anywhere else. In fact we actively encourage our clients to let us store their assets and access them whenever they require. In short, Media SphereTM is the only expert resource that any company needs when preparing its media assets for distribution and broadcast.”

Media SphereTM is a system and format agnostic solution enabling it to work and be integrated easily within any customer’s existing workflow, a point Christiansen said was essential for its success. He explained, “ Media SphereTM is a proven system that works within any client ecosystem and workflow. The value add for customers is huge as they realise they can simply hand over their assets in any format and get them back in exactly whatever format they require properly QCd, delivered and then stored securely.”

Media SphereTM has been sometime in its development and was born out of Silver Trak Digital’s desire to be a full media partner and media manager for its clients rather than just a traditional service provider. The company has invested heavily in the latest equipment and infrastructure recently adding key industry specialists to their team and products that include Snell’s Emmy award-winning Alchemist Ph.C-HD converter and FileFlow TM system to their ever-growing arsenal of solutions.

Christiansen concluded, “Media SphereTM represents a new way of working with assets where truly being able to offer a complete array of services to clients is the key. In short Media SphereTM works for all sources, formats and delivery options so there’s no reason a client needs to go to multiple suppliers again. If you have a requirement involving digitising, transcoding, technical assessment QC and/or digital distribution of assets, Media SphereTM will work for you and add value to your organisation.”

Media SphereTM is live and working now. For more information go to:
or contact Silver Trak Digital Digital on +61 2 9436 0848

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