‘A Place to Call Home’.

Foxtel has announced the sixth season of A Place to Call Home will be the series’ last.

The 10-episode season, which began production yesterday, will see the characters enter the 1960s.

 Creator Bevan Lee said:  “Season six truly completes my vision for the series. I promise to bring the show to its finale on a wave of tears, laughter and most importantly, closure.”

The production of the sixth season, dubbed “The Final Chapter” will be led by producer Chris Martin-Jones, written by Bevan Lee and Katherine Thomson, with directors Jeremy Sims, Catherine Millar, and Amanda Brotchie.

Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Abby Earl, Craig Hall, Sara Wiseman, Tim Draxl, Frankie J Holden, Deborah Kennedy, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood and David Berry will all return to star.

The series will be shot by DOP Henry Pierce, production design led by Fiona Donovan, hair and make up by Wizzy Molineaux and costume Lisa Meagher.

A Place to Call Home originally aired on the Seven However, during the airing of season two the network announced it would not be continuing the show. Foxtel then stepped in, commissioning a third season from Seven Productions.

Foxtel’s executive director of television, Brian Walsh said: “Simply put, A Place to Call Home is one of the finest pieces of drama ever produced for Australian television. The series will be long remembered for its captivating narrative, outstanding performances and world class production values. Foxtel is proud to have been its home for the past four seasons and there is no doubt that it will be missed.

A Place to Call Home was a series which was saved by its fans and so the journey of this, the final chapter, is a very important one. It was imperative for us that the series retain its integrity and that we would bring the series to a close at its natural story point and that is what everyone who loves the show can expect,” he said.

Seven’s head of drama, Julie McGauran said: “Seven Studios is once again delighted to partner with Foxtel to bring this stunning series to a defining and memorable ending.”

The sixth season is slated to air in August this year.

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