SLR Productions announces Air New Zealand In-flight Entertainment


Australia’s SLR Productions today confirmed ‘Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist’ and ‘Teenage Fairytale Dropouts’ will be shown in-flight on Air New Zealand.

The two globally successful children’s shows will be shown throughout October, November and December this year on the airline’s international in-flight service.

“I am thrilled Air New Zealand will be screening ‘Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist’ and ‘Teenage Fairytale Dropouts’ as part of its on-board entertainment for international flights. Both shows continue to amuse and entertain young audiences and I am sure they will delight young travellers on Air New Zealand over the next few months” said Executive Producer and CEO of SLR Productions, Suzanne Ryan.

A co-production with March Entertainment, ‘Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist’ is a fresh and imaginative adventure comedy series geared for kids aged 6-11 and is set in the year 3000, when alien insects are crawling through the galaxy and a dangerous rift between man and nature ensues. A young scientist and wildlife explorer is called into action. His name is Dex Hamilton, and no one knows bugs like he does! Escaping from the toxic nest of a slimy solar bug? Researching the pollination habits of the Solar Winged Butterfly? Saving the planet from king-kong crickets? Just
another day in the life of Dex Hamilton!

Being an alien entomologist isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when there’s a mysterious insect infestation on the rise! Dex and his team of lovable misfits are quickly discovering that their scientific skills are desperately needed to keep the natural world in balance.

Co-produced with Anima Estudios, Home Plate Entertainment and Telegael, ‘Teenage Fairytale Dropouts’ is a high-definition flash-animated series telling the story of Jeremiah, Fury and Trafalgar, three best friends and second generation fairytale characters who are determined to be themselves,
– no matter what their well-known fairytale parents think about it.

Jeremiah may be the son of The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk but that doesn’t mean he’s going to follow in his father’s enormous footsteps, stomping villages and eating people. Besides, he still has some growing up to do, literally. Jeremiah may be a tween but he’s still waiting for his “giant” growth spurt. And Fury may be the daughter of the Tooth Fairy but dental remuneration is not in her future — “way too creepy”. Plus, there’s the embarrassing fact that her fairy wings haven’t…ah… sprouted yet. Then there’s Trafalgar, one of Merlin’s many nephews, who actually has potential — if he just didn’t lack so much focus in his hocus-pocus. Together this trio is out to prove that even in the wacky, up-side-down, unexpected world of Fairytale Estates – you can be your own giant, fairy or wizard – as long as you have your friends along for the “souped-up” pumpkin carriage ride of your life.