June has been a big month for young Australian actress Sophie Lowe.

After celebrating her 21st birthday 10 days ago, she is now anxiously waiting for her latest movie – psychological thriller Blame – to open in Australia.

It’s a movie – written and directed by newcomer Michael 'Hank' Henry – that she instantly fell in love with.

The filmmakers knew immediately that Lowe would be perfect to play the role of Natalie – who is one of five young friends who aim to commit the perfect murder, in attempting to seek revenge for their friend’s death.

“I really loved the role of Natalie – she really stood out to me because she’s not what she seems,” Sydney-based Lowe tells IF.

“She’s got more going on throughout the whole film, which is really exciting to play – she’s not just a regular character, it was something else I had to bring to it which I thought I’d love to do.”

With few lines to speak, Lowe’s performance in the Perth-based film is characterised by nuances such as black-painted fingernails or a little twitch in her face. It’s the type of acting she enjoys.

“I love doing stuff like that, I love making the audience a bit skeptical and trying to leave them hanging on stuff and do stuff more internally than just saying words,” she says.

She’s an actress that doesn’t mind playing the unconventional character – she admits it’s fun and more entertaining to play.

Is there a character/situation she would refuse?

“No. It depends all in the character and the story but…I think if the character is good and I think I can do a good job then I’d definitely go for it,” the Sophia Coppola fan says.

The young actress, who moved from England in 2000 when she was 10, gained attention after her film debut performance in Beautiful Kate – in which she received an AFI Nomination for Best Actress.

Since then Lowe has appeared in films Road Train, Blessed and The Clinic while entertaining TV audiences in such shows as All Saints and Satisfaction. She recently acted alongside pros Melissa George and Sophie Okonedo in ABC series The Slap, which finished shooting last month.

Blame opens across Australia tomorrow. For cinema locations, visit the official website. The trailer can be seen here.

Check out the June/July issue of IF Magazine for a cover story on Blame.

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  1. Why is it opening tomorrow yet I haven’t seen one advertisement for it?

    Why are we so afraid of Marketing films in this country?

    Mark my word, Blame will get rave reviews – yet we will all come on this site Tuesday of next week to read a report about how badly it did at the box office.

    Nobody is going to go and see it if they don’t even know about it…………

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