SPAAmart 07 feature film projects announced

The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) today announced the feature film projects from Australia and New Zealand for this year’s SPAAmart, which runs from 13 to 15 November at the Sheraton Mirage on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
The eleven selected projects from Australia and New Zealand were chosen from a larger than usual field, where the level of development was high and the market readiness exceptional. It includes a number of highly experienced and awarded directors and producers.
The selected projects are:
An Imaginary Life                                           
Penny Chapman, producer; Fred Schepisi, director; John Alsop, writer (AUS)
James Greville, writer/producer; Tori Garrett, director (AUS)
Cut Snake                                           
Tony Ayres, producer/director; Blake Ayshford, writer (AUS)
Kristian Moliere, producer; Kriv Stenders, director; Andy Cox, writer (AUS)
How Now Brown Cow                           
Fiona Copland, producer; William Brandt, writer (NZ)
Robert Galinsky & Elizabeth Howatt, producers; George Miller, director; Christopher Link-Pearce, writer (AUS)
Michael Robertson, producer; Rudolf Buitendam, director; Clive Hopkins, writer (AUS)
The Last Days of the Space Age            
Beth Frey, producer; David Chidlow, writer/director (AUS)
The Last Ride                                      
Nicholas Cole & Antonia Barnard, producers; Glendyn Ivin, director; Mac Gudgeon, writer (AUS)
The Most Fun You Can Have Dying         
Alex Cole-Baker, producer; Kirstin Marcon, writer/director (NZ)
The Straggler                                      
Michael Wrenn, producer; Jonathan Ogilvie, writer/ director (NZ)
SPAA gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Australian Film Commission.
For further information please contact SPAAmart manager, Dale Fairbairn,
[release from Fran Lanigan] 

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