Chisel Productions for Asics Australia, photo by Oscar Lewis

Step away from labour intensive sets and green screens into a new era of filmmaking with Virtual Production at Light ADL.

Located in Adelaide’s CBD is an entry level studio with 150sqm of LED technology that lets you create, control, and captivate, empowering your storytelling with realistic environments.

It is not a NantStudios or Disney Production site, and unfortunately you won’t be able to film The Mandalorian or an Avengers movie here, however, The Studio is competitively priced and accessible, ideal for short films, film pick-ups, commercials and campaigns, music videos, documentaries and more.

The multi-purpose large scale LED volume serves as a blank canvas and can be used to create responsive, photo-realistic digital worlds, replacing the need for green screens and acting as a background, resulting in an efficient and effective way to create sets and backdrops.


  • Virtual Production is only limited by imagination and is a new technology all    film makers should consider
  • Freedom to have no boundaries with the directors decisions on any changes
  • Provides extensive options in a controlled environment with extreme adaptability
  • Eg. change the colour of a prop on the screen in seconds
  • Lower cost compared to traditional production methods and thus can get more with less as creative choice is not limited allowing for big budget ideas on small scale productions
  • Exterior and interior changes allow for more content to be produced and fine tuned for the final edit
  • In camera video effects allows for content on the spot review
  • Controlled weather environment, lighting and versitility. Every hour can be golden hour


  • Reduces the need for large sets and enables complete control over extended reality worlds and backgrounds.
  • Cut down on post production time
  • Effects and colour capture in real time for view and analysis
  • Sets slide in and out enabling actors to interact with ‘real’ scenes resulting in better performances
  • Save scenes and lighting schemes to use time more efficiently for re-shoots or pick ups


  • Enables an immersive on-set experience
  • Realistic lighting and reflections
  • In-camera VF-X actors can see images behind them
  • Removes green spill issue
  • Shorter post-production processes (no chroma key)

Realise your film’s true potential and redefine cinematic expression through the power of Virtual Production. Visit to find out more, and contact us for an Inside Film intro offer.

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