ZIGZAG Post: From dailies to delivery

Northern Pictures' 'Love on the Spectrum'.

At ZIGZAG Post, we want to help you tell your story.

When you bring your story – your series, documentary or feature film to ZIGZAG Post, we recognise you will have been working on it for months and possibly even years. We know that when you reach the post production stage, the rubber hits the road. As the delivery deadline looms, our job is to welcome you and assure you, you’re in safe hands.

As a ‘creative collective’ of experienced screen professionals, we will bring our intelligence, passion and an open mind to your story, to craft and enhance picture and sound so that together, we create the best project possible within the allotted time and budget.

We know your project is the most important thing in your world as you bring it to completion, and we will support you every step of the way.

So, what is our story?

We have been providing post production services to our clients for over 25 years. We apply our experience, knowledge, and good judgement to each and every project, and once the budget is sorted, we get on with the job. We don’t like to haggle over overages, we’d rather talk to you about potential budget hot spots before they become problematic. We aim for clarity not just in the video frame and audio speakers, but in our communication. 

We value authenticity, both on the screen and off, and building relationships with like-minded clients as we work together is an absolute joy. We love to work on content that is entertaining, exciting and informative, and are passionate about work that seeks to bring about meaningful change in our community.

People Productions’ ‘I’m Wanita’.

From dailies to delivery 

We will ensure the smooth passage of your project from dailies to delivery and everything in between. At our home on Sydney’s lower north shore, we have offices for production teams, breakout spaces, and bespoke suites for offline editing, colour grading, online editing and sound mixing. These suites have been designed and built by editors and sound mixers, so they are comfortable, relaxed and conducive to good ideas, enabling us to deliver service excellence. Onsite parking and our location, just 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD in a relaxed neighbourhood with plenty of cafes, bars and retail services, completes the picture.

We also offer remote editing services. If your edit or production team need to work offsite, we’ll supply the gear and technology to allow seamless access to our servers from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. Our own 1 gigabit ‘one to one’ custom fibre connection will ensure your editors and producers can operate reliably and securely from multiple locations 24/7.

We have delivered TV series, documentaries and features to streaming platforms Netflix, Stan, Binge and Amazon, all the local free to air networks, and to local and international screens.

Cobbstar Productions’ ‘Ellie & Abbie’.

Approachable, collaborative, flexible professionals

We are proud of the wide range of interesting projects that have come through our door over the last decade. There have been some challenges along the way but we’ve grown into one of the most respected, independent post facilities in Australia. 

Please take some time to visit our website and get in touch on 612 9436 0600 or

We are passionate about Australian stories and we can’t wait to help you tell yours.