Stage and Screen set to open US office

Leading Australian-based performance event travel and freight service provider, Stage and Screen Travel Services (part of Flight Centre Limited), is now turning to Hollywood to expand its business horizons. ‘The potential for our type of service is clearly huge in the US, particularly in cities like Los Angeles, which is synonymous with the film, music and entertainment business,’ explains Stage and Screen’s General Manager, Gregory Lording, ‘which is why we have decided to set up a fully operational shop here first, in early November.’
Gregory continues: ‘Australia and New Zealand still offer unique and original film locations to American film producers and as the Australian film industry continues to mature, we are likely to see more and more two-way traffic between the US and here. Similarly, we have already handled the travel logistics for actors and film production companies and crews heading to the US and there is a growing need to service and support travelling Australian actors, artists and musicians.’
Stage and Screen’s decision to bring its own brand of service and operations to the US comes after tracking the considerable success of Flight Centre Limited’s corporate travel arm over there, following the acquisition of successful Boston and Chicago based travel companies. ‘The fact that Flight Centre and FCm Travel Solutions are taking this market as seriously as they are from the point of view of investment, itself created a very real opportunity for us to explore the idea of setting up here ourselves,’ explains Gregory. ‘Our global reach through Flight Centre definitely gives us a position of strength, but this is complemented by our inherent ability to offer a flexible and innovative boutique service approach to suit the often very individual and diverse requirements of touring production crews.’
The opening of the new Stage and Screen LA operation is cause for double celebration as one of the company’s favourite family members returns to the fold. Justine ‘J-Lo’ Liddelow has recently agreed to take up the business development reins over in LA, ensuring that a business for the stars will be serviced by stars and that any visiting Aussies will be assured of a familiar and friendly face in the US as well as here in Australia and New Zealand.
With fully operational offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and now LA, Stage and Screen Travel Services is a specialist travel and freight service provider for performance events, ranging from rock and roll tours to feature film and television projects, major sporting events and several corporate contracts which demand a more flexible and innovative service approach.

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