Stephen Woolley, Elizabeth Karlsen and Erika North.

British producers Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen join Amazon Studios executive Erika North in the lineup for March’s Screen Forever.

Woolley and Karlsen will appear in conversation at the Screen Producers Australia (SPA) conference, sharing their experiences and opinions on the state of independent filmmaking in the age of streaming, and how producers can forge their own path in an increasingly competitive market. 

Known for their work on The Crying GameCarol, and Great Expectations, the pair have more than 50 BAFTA nominations between them and were awarded BAFTA Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema in 2019.

This year, they will release films Mothering Sunday and Living through their company Number 9 Films.

Screen Forever delegates will also have the opportunity to join Amazon Studio’s head of originals in the Asia Pacific region, Erika North, for a keynote speech. 

North, who was previously head of programming and production at HBO Asia and worked at Netflix on their international originals, will speak about the strategies Amazon uses when commissioning content and her priorities when it comes to securing local content and originals for the Asia Pacific region, such as Deadloch, Class of ’07 and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.

The session will also investigate the symbiotic relationships that exist between Australia, India, Japan, and Singapore and how Amazon utilises these relationships to grow its service.   

Screen Forever will proceed as an in-person event March 28 – 30 on the Gold Coast, while the market component, SPA Connect, will be expanded via an internationally-focused digital event March 31 – April 1.

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