The suicide of a corrupt Mayor in Shanghai leads to convulsions in Sydney: an exchange student from China, Mei Li, is abducted.

Her lover, David,and a complete stranger, Simon, are joined in a quest to find her. On their journey, the two men are stripped of their everyday exterior finding themselves capable of murder.

Strangers Lovers Killers, directed by Oliver Torr, Matt Zeremes and Ross Wilson, was shot over a month in Sydney and Shanghai. Due to budget constraints there were elements of guerrilla film making employed throughout the shoot.


Director: Oliver Torr, Ross Wilson, Matt Zeremes
Script: Oliver Torr, Ross Wilson, Matt Zeremes
DOP: Shing Fung Cheung
Editing: Katie Flaxman
Music: Peter Head
Sound: Tony Robson
Art Director/ Costume Designer: Alice Morgan
Producer: Oliver Torr, Ross Wilson, Matt Zeremes

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