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Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) officially launches the seven short films produced as a part of its most recent Screen Cultures program, ‘STUFF: The Drama of it all’.

The films were created by seven budding directors based in and around Greater Western Sydney and will premiere on Thursday March 24th at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre.

‘STUFF: The Drama of it all’ was an intensive workshop for emerging filmmakers that commenced in May 2010. It was funded by Parramatta City Council and managed by ICE to advance participant’s skills in writing, directing and producing.

‘STUFF: The Drama of it all’ participants were encouraged to develop, write and produce stories that reflect their own experiences.

The idea was for the films to be shot and screened in Parramatta under the guidance and support of experienced local practitioners, whilst collaborating with one another along the way.

The directors were introduced to the world of dramatic, character-based storytelling under the mentorship of acclaimed screenwriter and editor Billy Marshall Stoneking, and director and writer Amin Palangi. The workshops composed six weeks of scriptwriting, six weeks of filming and intensive, professional post-production to date.

For some, it was the first encounter of being on a film set, with the responsibility of finding their own cast and working with a professional crew including cinematographers, editors and sound designers. Under the guidance of mentor Amin Palangi, the entire process was treated as a genuine film making experience.

"Love, pain, loss, forgiveness and tolerance…this is the STUFF we all experience in our lives. The film workshop was produced by the shared vision of myself and the extraordinary Billy Marshall Stoneking. The aim of STUFF was to mentor filmmakers with diverse backgrounds to create short films that reflect the perspectives of each individual filmmaker and the experiences of their communities", says Amin Palangi.

Lisa Torrance, Executive Director of Information Cultural Exchange says, “Our role at ICE is to facilitate storytelling by listening closely to the people within our communities and sharing our knowledge of digital media to help them to translate their ideas. By providing budding filmmakers with opportunities to develop their craft, our ultimate aim is to create pathways for them to become the storytellers of the future”.

Where: Lennox Theatre, Parramatta Riverside Theatre (Cnr Market & Church St), NSW

When: Thursday 24 March | Time: 6pm -9pm

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