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IF Magazine takes pride in its editorial independence. Our journalism is free from commercial bias, and commercial content is clearly highlighted as such. Independence means we can deep dive into a story and through quality journalism bring about real and positive change. Our website and newsletters deliver the latest industry news. The magazine focuses on industry features, trends and analysis. Combined they provide complete coverage of the sector.

Since acquiring IF Magazine in 2006 we’ve resisted subscription increases or erecting paywalls for our digital content. We believe that the news and analysis we provide should be made available to everyone in the industry especially at a time when factual reporting in an era of fake news is more critical than ever.

But we need your help…

Because of rising costs associated with production, postage and paper, we’d like you to invest in independent journalism specific to the Australian film and television sector, so we can continue to bring about positive change through quality independent journalism. For a limited time we will be offering you a reduced subscription off the cover price, and throw in two movie tickets for only $43.50 inclusive of GST.

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