Swan and Denyer to Host The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Network Ten has announced that Chrissie Swan and Grant Denyer will host its new family entertainment series The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

This engaging new series will search for Australia’s best and brightest young spellers.

Both proud parents, Chrissie and Grant will prove a formidable and entertaining duo as they support and encourage Australia’s most remarkable spellers, who will inspire all Australians with their spelling proficiency.

Chrissie said: “Only my closest friends know that I have always been crazy for spelling, and I was a spelling bee champion myself in primary school.

“This show is heaven for me. I'll be there all the way, supporting the clever kids and their parents and gently reminding them that it's ‘i' before ‘e' except after ‘c'. It is also, of course, a great thrill to work with Grant Denyer who I've been liaising with recently. Please note the second and often forgotten 'i' is included there in liaising…am I onto the next round?”

Grant said: “The kids in The Great Australian Spelling Bee are going to inspire, excite and amaze us all, as we watch our smallest Australians achieve really big things.

“You won’t believe what our wonderful young kids are capable of when given the chance to shine in a special opportunity like this. Taking the classic kids’ spelling bee to an all-time stunning new level will be a thrilling celebration of how bright, fun and inspiring our young Aussies are.

“As someone who can’t spell to save himself, I think I’m in for a brutal lesson of why I should have talked less and listened more in school,” he said.

“I love working with kids. They're surprising, unpredictable and they always challenge you as a host. More importantly, they’re just a joy to watch as they grow right in front of you in an opportunity like this. Just like Family Feud, it’s a show for the whole family to enjoy together.”