Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are again about to be tangled.

Popular Showtime drama Tangle is about to go into production for series three – and its producers firmly believe the show hasn’t run out of steam.

“We feel that we’ve got endless material to go with with these characters,” co-producer John Edwards tells IF.

“And by now in the third series we know them very well.

“It’s a story of complex family relationships across generations and that’s fun to explore.”

The award-winning Southern Star Entertainment production, which first hit the airwaves in 2009, centres on two generations of two families as they navigate their way around love, sex, money and politics.

While season one and two looked at interconnected family life and relationships when dealing with tragedy respectively, season three will look at how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched.

“The kids are now getting to that point where they’re young adults and they can make a more serious mess,” Edwards says.

Co-producer Imogen Banks says a lot of the backstory “will come to the fore” in season three.

“The little links – I think that’s been very fun with the third series,” she says.

“We’ve got so many sort of little loose ends…from the first two seasons that you can pick up on.

“Anytime you put those characters together there’s so much backstory and there’s so much potential.”

The show, which started out as a “collision of various ideas” according to Banks, is funded by Austar and the rebate.

Justine Clarke, Catherine McClements and Kat Stewart will reprise their roles and writers Fiona Seres and Tony McNamara and director Emma Freeman return behind the scenes.

“I really love that Emma just has this ability to understand each little emotional turn. She’s able to capture those little…emotional moments,” Banks says of the director whose credits include Hawke and Love My Way.

The 7.5 week shoot, in such places as Kew and around the Yarra River, will start next Monday.

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