The Great Mint Swindle telemovie trailer

The Great Mint Swindle tells the tale of the most famous gold heist in Australia's history. The story of a major crime that remains unsolved to this day begins with an elaborate sting at the Perth Mint. It ends two decades later with a chilling car-bomb assassination and a wretched suicide.

At the centre of it all is a bitter war between two brotherhoods: the Mickelbergs and the police.

On one side is Ray Mickelberg (Grant Bowler), a decorated SAS Vietnam veteran with a dubious reputation after manufacturing a huge fake nugget. His offsiders are his larrikin brothers Peter Mickelberg (Todd Lasance), 14 years his junior, and pilot Brian Mickelberg (Josh Quong Tart).

On the other side is Detective Donald Hancock (Shane Bourne) – “The Silver Fox”. Some say he was a fearless champion of justice, others a sinister rogue cop. His loyal number two was Detective Tony “Lewi” Lewandowski (John Batchelor), an easily lead thug who, in the end, is left holding the scales of justice. He alone must decide which brotherhood will prevail.

Was Hancock’s approach a case of “noble cause” corruption? Or something more sinister?

The Great Mint Swindle, produced by Cordell Jigsaw, can be seen on Channel Nine on Sunday, March 11, at 8.30pm.