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Writer/director Steven Kastrissios’ debut feature THE HORSEMAN recently picked up the Award for “Best International Thriller/ Horror trailer” at the 11th Annual Golden Trailer Awards, beating stiff competition from Lars Von Trier’s ANTI-CHRIST. The trailer was produced by Hammer Creative and commissioned by the film’s sales company, Media 8 Entertainment, both based in Los Angeles.

“To tell you the truth, I’m quite surprised,” said Kastrissios. “Whenever the Americans present you with their version of your film, it takes a while to become accustomed to it, and this was no exception. But it came together in the end and seems to get people really pumped about seeing the film.”

Media 8’s vice president, Audrey Delaney added, “We were thrilled to win this Award, and to have our independent trailer recognized alongside the marketing for some of Hollywood’s biggest films. We had terrific footage to work with, so that really helped.”

THE HORSEMAN continues to attract fans and is rapidly gaining cult status, having screened with success at several international film festivals, including the SXSW Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival, Frightfest Film Festival and SITGES International Film Festival. The Golden Trailer Award comes hot on the heels of many accolades already garnered by this unflinching revenge thriller, including:

Best Film / Best Director / Best Actor / Best Actress

Best Film / Best Director

THE HORSEMAN debuts on Blu Ray, DVD & VOD this week in USA and will begin a limited theatrical run on July 8th at Sydney’s Chauvel theatre and Brisbane’s Tribal Theatre through Umbrella Entertainment.

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