David Willing’s Surrogate follows Natalie Paxton (Kestie Morassi), a single mother and nurse who is rushed to hospital after suffering a mysterious illness. When vicious paranormal attacks follow, Natalie must fight to stop her family from being destroyed.

The cast also includes Jane Badler and Louise Siversen, as well as child actors Taysha Furragia as Morassi’s daughter, Ellie Stewart and Ellie Tevelis.

The film was written by Willing and Beth King, with the former also producing alongside Vikki Blinks and Alice Chaston. Konfir Kabo of Black Spade Productions is the executive producer.

Willing, who began writing the film with King in 2016, told IF it was made with an eye to the Asian market.

“We’re both just huge horror fans and we like a lot of Asian ghost horror films,” he said.

“We had other projects that hadn’t made it to the end of the development process, whereas horror really lends itself to that indie aesthetic and type of production.”

Willing aims to release the film early next year.

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