Tomorrow, When The War Began sequel to shoot in September

UPDATE (Feb 9, 2012): Filming was ultimately delayed and the film remains in development. For the latest news read Tomorrow, When the War Began sequel remains in development.

Filming for the highly-anticipated Tomorrow, When The War Began sequel will start in September.

With a working title of Tomorrow 2, the film will be produced, edited and finished entirely Down Under.

The majority of the shoot will take place in New South Wales' Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains.

The original – which was last year's biggest Australian movie at the local box office taking in $13.5 million – has not landed a US distribution deal.

The sequel, which will also be written and directed by Stuart Beattie, is expected to generate more than 450 jobs and inject about $40 million into the State's economy.

More than 300 cast and crew during principal photography, hundreds of extras and an estimated 150 post production and VFX crew will be employed.

The announcement, made today, is on the back of news that Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby will be filmed in Sydney later this year.

Tomorrow 2 will unlock a range of job opportunities – from camera operators, editors and up-and-coming young actors, to caterers, transport companies and local accommodation houses,” NSW premier Kristina Keneally said.

The NSW government secured the production through financial support from the state’s film fund.

Omnilab Media's managing director Christopher Mapp, who will also produce the sequel, said without government support, many of these jobs would be exported overseas.

“This investment allows us to keep these jobs in Australia, contribute to the local economy and helps grow and secure the future of NSW’s film industry,” Mapp said in a statement.

“In particular, support for this project has also contributed to our decision to further invest in our world-class VFX and post-production businesses, which will ensure that NSW film and television practitioners have access to the very best creative services in Australia.”

  1. does anybody know the date they start filming tomorrow when the war began 2. i heard they start filming in september on the 14th but im not sure. i really want to be an extra for this film

  2. TWTWB2 won’t go head this year, and probably not next year. It was held up by the new Frankenstein movie which has not yet even started production. Same director, different priorities, I guess.

  3. The shoot has been delayed and remains in development following Stuart Beattie’s decision to film I, Frankenstein instead.

  4. I would love to be apart of this amazing movie, a minor role would be muchly appreciated :D, how do i get a role ??? ♥

  5. This movie is going to be awsome. I am looking to become an extra how do i get in?? Any help would be great

  6. Don’t know how they are going to pull off a sequel since they messed the ending of the first so badly. would’ve been cheaper to kill all the characters then.

  7. Can you please make a tomorrow when the war began 2. i love that movie sooooooooooo much and it would be sooooooooooo good if you make number 2 off the movie. PLEASE I LOVE IT.

  8. OMG i have read the books and now my friend and I have been inspired to go camping at the end of year 12 with 4 others. Im so excited about our camping trip!!!! 😀 PLS MAKE THE 7 MOVIES THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN DYING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m 46yrs of age & I’m an absolute movie buff, with an enormous collection. But since Tomorrow When The War Began, first came out, it still remains, mine & my sons favourite movie, of all time. Australians all over are waiting on the edge of their seats, for the sequels to come out. I can’t understand why, if the first was such an Australian block buster, why the director is wasting his time, on yet another Frankenstein movie. Too many of those already. We need the fresh & exciting, not the already been done! Boring! The director needs a slap & told to wake up & get a move on, with what will make him & this fine country the bucks they forecast, from which the sequel will bring in. As well as make a large amount of the Australian population very happy! 🙂

  10. OMG!! i cant wait for it to come out! me and my friend were so devostated when we heard that it was being held up. we so want to go hiking there itt seems like an amazing place. evne thought hter are all the special affects. i have been living off hte books for for about 4 moths i have already rad them 4 times and cant wait till the movie!!!!!

  11. LOL Joanne… Surely at 46 yrs of age you have seen “Red Dawn”! I’m not saying TWTWB is a copy, or that I dislike the movie (It’s one of my absolute favorites as well) but the genre has been done before… And the grape vine is the US is doing a remake of Red Dawn because of how good TWTWB was.

  12. Yay! Can’t wait for the second movie!! The first one is my most favorite movie in the WHOLE world!! I am reading the books too and they are amazing!! Please hurry up and make the second one, I’m obsessed!!!!

  13. Bottom line is this movie going to be made and if so when, it’s been almost three year’s in the planning stage. I clicked the link that say’s it is still in planning stage but that link has been taken down?? does anyone have an answer or a link that I could go to find out the answer’s?? Right now it sound’s like the goverment is involved and that will muck everything up argueing over where to film it just film for pete’s sake

  14. So they are deffinatly making more? I can’t take waiting anymore! The books are so amazing. I love it so much, best movie ever 🙂 I want to see it come to life

  15. i agree with every1. I would love to see the sequel, hopefully they bring it out. Tomorrow when the war began, is my best ever, favourite film.

  16. i dont understand why the sequel hasnt been done yet,do they not understand what a series is.maybe an american studio should get involved to make this happen

  17. I would love to be an extra for this film, I live very very close to the sets. What do I need to do to do this?

  18. this movie is so cool thank god there is a part two yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………. the suspense is killing me

  19. I really love that movie and i hope part 2 comes out very soon.As for those producers and directors taking so long they need to be kicked in the bollocks.unfortunatly im a safrican but ‘A proud AUSSIE supporter’

  20. Well the expected release date is July 17 and were this site gets its info I don’t know but its wrong productions started the movies shooting at a studio in Ballarat Melbourneand all extras are allready here

  21. Agreed!! I’m hanging for the sequel, the first movie was fresh, and downright exciting to watch. Can’t understand why the holdup. Especially love the cast chosen!

  22. We watched this on Netflix. LOVE this movie! So sad to hear there isn’t a 2nd one out yet. Every aspect of this movie was great. Kept my husband and I glued to the tv. lol I wish I could hear all your accents!

  23. Just watched this movie and it was amazing. Hope they are still making tomorrow 2. But i will be devastated if the same cast isn’t there.

  24. I ve read all 7 books (10 if you include the Ellie chronicles) and it would be interesting to see they portray the film compared to the books. Can’t wait! I’m really happy about this good news.

  25. Greetings from State side, My name is Elizabeth and since seeing TWTWB, I have ordered all 7 books and have been reading them as fast as the movie, while the movie is on DVR (in the background) so I can attempt to get the ascent right. LOL I found out they are part of the curriculum in Australia, These sequels are necessary they MUST BE MADE. GET THEM DONE AND QUICK , AS FAR AS NOVEL TO MOVIE, THEY ARE FAVORITES FOR 20-45 yr. olds . They beat Harry Potter , Twilight saga, you name it. They have the potential to be huge blockbusters here in the states , Also given we all love the characters and the way they talk. Re-release the first one and have the second one already in the can. Boom, Boom, Boom, one right after the other. I’m telling you it has to happen. I feel like I am starting my own personal crusade to get everyone I know to see them I’ve had viewing parties at my house and we are all dying to see more. Congratulations on a job well done, just please finish it. Your fans in the U.S. Elizabeth and Co.

  26. It is cancelled, once and forever.
    It was in preproduction, the script was finished and they had locations.
    But the companie lost a lot of money on another film, and by the time they decided to do TWTWB2 despite the loss the actors from Part 1 were already too old to reprise their roles so they decided to quit on that project.

  27. I have read all the books of ‘Tomorrow when the war began’. I believe if you nake a second movie everyone would love it! please make a second one, why not finish what you started!!

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