Tropfest has unveiled the 16 finalists for this year’s festival, which will be held on February 9.

Each film selected has referenced the 2019 Tropfest Signature Item (TSI): ‘candle’. Organisers state this year’s films represent storytelling focused on diverse issues and people, with films such as Crush, following a lovestruck queer teen who racks up a hefty bill courting a cute shop girl; Comican’t, which stars a cast of actors with disability, and Allie, about the friendship between a car enthusiast and a young girl with disability.

The winner of Tropfest 2019 will be awarded a Equinox LS+ valued at $32,000; a $10,000 cash prize courtesy of Kennedy Miller Mitchell; a $500 Camera Hire voucher, a 12 month Gold Pass courtesy of Event Cinemas; and a Professional Subscription to Digiital Pigeon.

They’ll also earn a film immersion course and week of meetings in Los Angeles with agents, studio executives and other industry professionals courtesy of the Motion Picture Association, and a year’s membership to the Australian Director’s Guild.

“These 16 films form a vibrant mix of stories and reflect a true cross-section of our collective identities – including actors with disability, seniors and the LGBTQI community. There are also stories on mental health, the pressures of social media and family relationships,” said Tropfest found John Polson.

The finalists for Trop Jr were also announced today, which each of the 16 finalists referencing TSI ‘Pizza’. Trop Jr will also be held on Feb 9 before the main event gets underway, with the winner to take home a $1,500 cash prize and 12 month Gold Pass courtesy of Event Cinemas; two tickets to theScreen Makers Conference, in Adelaide, including flights and accommodation, thanks to supporter Motion Picture Association and ANZSA; a Western Sydney University Studio package, valued at $12,500; a $500 film course voucher from AFTRS; and a trophy by Dinosaur Designs.


Dad to the Bone
Finalist: Simon Fowler (Annandale, Sydney NSW)
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Becoming a dad isn’t a joke. Its lots of them.

The Last Fight
Finalist: Edward Copestick, Janyon Bannoff (Bondi, NSW)
Logline: Dennis ‘Angry Ant’ is a fighter. He’s 56 and his hips are shot, but he’s determined not to retire without one last boxing match.

Suck It
Finalist: Claire Worsman (Saratoga, Central Coast, NSW)
Genre: 3D Animation
Logline: When a dated cleaning robot is outshined and frustrated by a more advanced model, he must keep up with the new pace in fear of losing his beloved job.

The Validation of Violet Worth
Finalist: Jayce White (Mt Annan, NSW)
Genre: Animation
Logline: Violet struggles through her day, restrained by the inescapable shock collar of social media approval.

Finalist: Cassie De Coling (Ascot Vale, Melbourne VIC)
Genre: Documentary
Logline: Bob and Allie debunk the notion of stereotypes and love.

Be You T. Fool
Finalist: Brendan Pinches (Templestowe, Melbourne, VIC)
Genre: Documentary
Logline: An anonymous street artist reveals her secret practice of pasting portraits on the pillars of Chandler Highway Bridge in Melbourne

Can You Hear Me?
Finalist: Rama Nicholas, Adam McKenzie (Melbourne, VIC)
Genre: Dark Comedy
Logline: A sweet elderly lady gets a hearing aid for the first time, after years of being hearing impaired. When her family arrive at her place for dinner, she quickly realises some things are better left unheard.

Finalist: Rory Kelly (Melbourne, VIC)
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Once a year, Australia’s largest comic convention awards the best dressed competitor with the ultimate Prize, the ComiCrown. This year Steve is sure he’s going to win.

Fringe Dweller
Finalist: Leah Annetta, Reuben Street (Coburg, Melbourne VIC)
Genre: Drama
Logline: A teenage girl discovers that her thin hair is limiting her theatrical career.

Finalist: Matt Holcomb (St. Kilda, VIC)
Genre: Drama
Logline: A simple drive across town descends sharply into acrimony — until a botanical soothing technique leads to an opportune moment of healing and reconnection.

Finalist: Leela Varghese (Adelaide, SA)
Genre: Comedy
Logline: It appears Lizzy has an obsession with novelty candles. But the truth is her “burning” desire isn’t for candles, it’s for the girl selling them.

Safe Space
Finalist: Indianna Bell, Josiah Allen (Adelaide, SA)
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Logline: Four strangers. A darkened room. Sh*t gets weird.

The Jinja Assassin
Finalist: Will Faulkner, Nathan Keane, Matt Henry (Lathlain, Perth, WA)
Genre: Documentary, Comedy
Logline: A Perth high school drama teacher by day and the second-best air guitarist in the world by night.

Finalist: Emma Vickery (Freemantle, WA)
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Hearse drivers John and Terry give a heroic backstory to their recently deceased passenger, Barry.

The Evolution of a Poorly Thrown Snowball
Finalist: Matthew Quinnell (Waikato, New Zealand)
Genre: Animation
Logline: A supernatural animation about two kids playing and there reckless disregard for nature which may come back to haunt them

Notes to Salma
Finalist: Australian director Michael Noonan (Monterrey, Mexico)
Genre: Drama
Logline: A woman’s strange daily routine comes unstuck.


Hook, Line and Sinker
Finalist: Ivan Farkas (Quakers Hill, NSW)
Age: 11
Genre: Animation
Logline: A ‘Fishy’ twist to the ‘Boy who Cried Wolf’ tale….

Jerry and Matt
Finalist: Philip Joseph, Jack Talty, Patrick Crowle (Northmead, Sydney, NSW)
Age: 14 (Jack)
Genre: Comedy, Satire
Logline: Best friends Jerry and Matt sit down to play their new board game when they realise they need one more player.

Finalist: Mason Ellis (East Gosford, Sydney, NSW)
Age: 15
Genre: Drama
Logline: Dealing with depression, the main character struggles to maintain his fake persona around his sister and realises opening up to her is the only way forward.

Finalist: Katerina Alexander (Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW)
Age: 15
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
Logline: A humanoid teen girl created by an old scientist in the image of his daughter.

Finalist: Jessica Nipperess (Mudgee, NSW)
Age: 13
Genre: Sci-Fi, Psychological Drama, Thriller
Logline: Emily is starting to see things. But soon, strange circumstances and a new outlook force her to reevaluate the question of what’s inside her head and what’s not.

Finalist: Tali Fleischmann (St Ives, Sydney, NSW)
Age: Unknown
Genre: Drama
Logline: An abstract commentary on our modern society and its stigmas around mental health.

Life in Pieces
Finalist: Charli Bowers (Brighton, Melbourne, VIC)
Age: 15
Genre: Drama
Logline: A young girl is forced to be independent due to her mother being an alcoholic and not being able to fend for Stacey or herself.

Finalist: Lily Lunder (Narre Warren North, Melbourne, VIC)
Age: 13
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Logline: A young gaming-addicted boy runs away from home after being banned from his computer.

Finalist: Charlotte McLaverty (Bentleigh East, Melbourne, VIC)
Age: 14
Genre: Drama
Logline: A teenager is missing out on life because she is always on her phone.

She Loves Me
Finalist: Bella Merlino (Greenacre, Sydney, NSW)
Age: 14
Genre: Comedy
Logline: “The perfect recipe” – Friday night, pizza, wine and that special someone.

The Hammer of Thor
Finalist: Hugo Long (Northcote, Melbourne, VIC)
Age: 15
Genre: Drama
Logline: Loki, the god of mischief, snatches Thor’s hammer.

The Runaway Club
Finalist: Manus O’Reilly (Airport West, Melbourne VIC)
Genre: Drama
Logline: A group of teenagers in the 1980’s are getting ready to run away in search of a missing boy.

The Shape of Pizza
Finalist: Liam Grant, Max Sonnemann, Charlie Sonnemann (Malvern East, VIC)
Genre: Comedy
Logline: When a Pizza Delivery boy is sent on a job, he doesn’t think anything out of the ordinary…

Finalist: Alex Wilson (Brisbane, QLD)
Age: 16
Genre: Drama
Logline: A teenage boy struggles to overcome his eating disorder.

Own You
Finalist: Oscar Bailey (Coomera, Gold Coast, QLD)
Age: 12
Genre: Drama
Logline: Feeling grossly hard-done by, a 13 year old’s life is turned upside down after being told to get off the computer.

SWAT: Fly Removal Services
Finalist: Bailey Lock, Myles McEwen (Adelaide, SA)
Age: 15
Genre: Comedy
Logline: The Fly. One of the most annoying insects ever created.

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