Tropfest has given us a sneak peek at the 2016 lineup follwing the festival's relaunch with a new sponsor.

The festival, which was due to take place on December 6 prior to it's cancellation, will now be held on February 14 at Centennial parklands after insurance company CGU stepped in the save the event.  

The 2016 festival will include stories about an Australian ex World Champion boxer battling the bottle, unlikely Taylor Swift fans, and a best friend with a dangerous secret, amongst the 16 finalist films.

Tropfest Founder and Director John Polson said it was a line up quite unlike any other screened at Tropfest, with documentaries, mockumentaries and animations making up more than half of the finalist films. 

“The finalists this year have really brought film back to its core element, the art of storytelling," he said.  

"We have 16 very unique films to present to thousands of Tropfest fans around Australia that will have them on the edge of their picnic rugs.”

“For Tropfest, this is the comeback of the decade, and we’re so thrilled to be able to share it with Trop fans, and our finalist filmmakers, as we continue to play a part in bringing some of the most talented and creative storytellers to the stage, for a long time to come,” Polson said.

Next February’s Trop-goers can expect documentaries that provide a window into the past; including iconic Aussie band, Radio Birdman, recounting their short but explosive time in the 1970’s Sydney punk rock scene. 

As well as a true tale from ex World Champion boxer, Jeff Harding, as he reflects on his career, and the problems faced after folding from the game.

Other finalist films look at the challenges that come with the cards life deals us. 

A deaf woman develops a passion for painting and finds solace in her art, and an autistic boy tells of his love for acting and his fascination with Back to The Future.

The animation genre is also strong; from a slapstick comedy about a piñata, to an action packed stop motion of a damsel in distress, and the heartfelt tale of a lonely Tajikistani whose dog gets sent to space.

Keep your eyes peeled for singer Natalie Bassingthwaite as a supportive wife to a troubled man; Catherine Mack (Wonderland, Home & Away) and Rick Donald (House Husbands) as wannabe criminals. Comedy trio Colin Lane, David Collins and Craig Anderson also form a secret club of "Tay Men".

Australia’s youngest filmmakers, 15 years and under, will also get a chance to show off their skill in Trop Jr competition.

There will be Films featuring astronauts, luchadores (Mexican wrestlers), scientific experiments, and time machines.

All must include the signature item: a button.

The Trop Jr entrants have produced engaging shorts with visual effects to boot; including explosions, gun shoot outs, stop motion and even two films incorporating 3D animation.

This finalist selection features a number of familiar faces, with a total of six of the 15 finalist films made by previous Trop Jr finalists. 

For the first time, there’s even a brother duo battling it out for the top gong. Oliver Marsden will be screening his film alongside younger brother, Sebastian.

Polson said the Tropfest Jr finalists were a shining example of filmmakers whose career trajectories could be limitless.

“I’m excited for Australia to see the work of these future film leaders. Not only are their filmmaking skills off the charts, but some present a world view so astoundingly sophisticated, it is hard to believe they are all so young," he said.

To view full list of finalists click here

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