The procession of Australian actors trying their luck in Hollywood continues with Nikolai Nikolaeff and Damien Bodie the latest to secure US management.

Nikolaeff has signed with The Schiff Company, which represents A-list talent including Keira Knightley, Eminem, Helena Bonham Carter, Jeff Bridges, Dougray Scott and Dylan McDermott. Bodie signed with Genesis Entertainment Partners.

Both are represented in Australia by Aran Michael Management. Michael, who takes talent to the US several times a year, introduced both actors to the management companies.

Unlike some Aussies who try to break into Hollywood early in their careers, Nikolaeff and Bodie have extensive resumes. This year Nikolaeff co-starred with Rachel Griffiths and Rodger Corser in Camp, the NBC summer series that was shot in northern NSW, produced by Matchbox Pictures, Universal Studios and Berman-Braun.

Nikolaeff played the love interest of Griffiths' character, who vied with Corser for her affections. The series will air here on Seven during the summer. His credits include Mr and Mrs Murder, Sea Patrol, The Pacific and Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Bodie played Jonathan Kurtiss in all three seasons of Winners & Losers and he was a regular in The Elephant Princess and Neighbours.

Both actors are in Los Angeles meeting with casting directors until early December. Michael tells IF both will return to the US in late January/early February for pilots season.

Michael says he usually prefers to see his actors sign with management companies rather than with LA-based talent agents, at least initially, to get hands-on guidance and help in meeting casting directors and producers.

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