The first three series of Seven Productions’ A Place to Call Home will screen in the UK on BBC Two.

That follows a deal announced at Mipcom whereby the period drama is screening in the US on streaming service Acorn TV, which will be followed by DVD and syndication on public TV stations.

The BBC deal was announced today by Seven and Endemol Worldwide Distribution.

Foxtel commissioned a further two series, each of 10 episodes, of the period drama after Seven announced in June it would not proceed after series 2 because the show skews to an older demographic.

RLJ Entertainment bought North American rights and the first season has launched on Acorn TV.

Created by Bevan Lee (Packed to the Rafters, Always Greener,  Winners & Losers), the show stars Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Abby Earl, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Aldo Mignone, Craig Hall, Frankie J. Holden and David Berry.

Seven’s director of production Brad Lyons said, “A Place to Call Home is a world class period drama series created by a first class cast and creative team, and we are delighted that UK and US audiences will be given a chance to enjoy it. “

The network also confirmed season 5 of Winners & Losers will begin production early in 2015. This year the show averaged a combined audience of 1.56 million viewers in the metro and regional areas, ranked as the fourth most popular local drama on commercial TV.

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  1. what a shame that you would not make two more seasons of this show a place to call home, i only 31 and i love this show. it a show i can watch over and over again, even put it on when i feel down so plesa bring it back

  2. Have just finished watching series 1 and 2 of A {;ace to call Home here on BBC2 in the UK. Looked to see if there was series 3 being planned and was shocked and disappointed to see that Channel 7 were axing it. What is wrong with you production people? You have a damned good serial and decide that it is not required viewing. I see from other comments that you moved the viewing time to later in the evening. Why?? We have been lucky in the UK because the BBC showed it every day so we had continuity all the way through. I have read that another channel is going to take up the option of a further two series. I just hope this is true and that they sell it to the Beeb. A wonderful story that needs to carry on and give a satisfactory ending

  3. What a beautifully presented show this is. All the characters are likeable and down to earth. The clothes are very beautiful and typically 50’s, which is when I was a young woman. Please please let us have a series 3 as I need to know what happened to the characters. It needs to be shown at a more realistic time when you could be sure of the audience numbers rocketing.
    It could be as successful as Downton Abbey.

  4. Ive been completely gripped by this brilliant Australian drama, better than any UK drama even Downtown Abbey. Please continue to show it in UK. I am so much want to know what happens to Sarah and George and the rest of the family it ended so unresolved.

  5. I love this show I am 22 years old and I love it. I love the ways that secrets are revealed only for another to take it place. It is utterly brilliant. Please please consider making 2 other series.

  6. I have just finished watching the last episode of the second series of A Place to Call Home. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and was hoping for a third series as I thought I had read somewhere that there was going to be one, but I now see there isn’t and I am very disappointed. I hope that there will be change of heart as I’m sure it must have had many fans in the UK. After each episode I couldn’t wait for the next one and set my TV to record each one so I didn’t miss any. PLEASE make another series!!!

  7. This is one of the best shows iv seen in ages. So well acted and a joy to watch….. I love all the characters and hate. The baddies. With as much. Passion. …..please tell me there is more!!!!!! Otherwise what was the episode with Sarah going over her life with olivias. Daughter Samantha. We have not met. Olivias. Second child….. She has George and that’s all so I am hoping this will set the scene for the next series please please do not stop this. Series. It’s just aired on BBC 2 in u k and we had series oneand two . Shown together. … I am praying for more….

  8. The best series ever to come out of Oz – even better than Neighbours. So glad another series is planned – bring it on – thank you.

  9. I just watched the full second season of “A Place to Call Home” on streaming Acorn TV and was shocked and disappointed when “THE END” came across the screen after episode 10. No–HORRIFIED and INFURIATED are better words to describe how I felt.

    This show is better than Downton Abbey, so it’s impossible for me to understand why it was chopped off in its prime with a very unsatisfactory ending by Channel 7.

    Now I see by the comment just before mine (posted March 2015) that Foxtel will continue it for at least two more seasons. I hope season 3 is already in production since it will take at least a year after it initially airs for Acorn TV to get it. It is such a disappointment for viewers when there is a long delay of years between seasons. That delay should not have occurred and would not have if the Channel 7 programmers and marketing staff were competent. I read that they felt it only attracted an older demographic. Well, they were wrong because younger people do like it. In fact, it’s a story that is enjoyed by a broad range of ages, just as is Downton Abbey, but is even better. Listen to the viewers!

  10. Was enjoying A Place to Call Home here in the U. s. I am presuming it was Series 1 and it was abruptly stopped. I am hearing about Series 2 being axed halfway through as well as Series 3 being cancelled. I was thoroughly enjoying this drama. So little decent drama on TV these days.

    Are we going to see the end of Series 1 and followed by Series 2. All the posts I see are from Australia and the UK>

    Please bring it back.

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