‘Vessel’ Premiere Screening in Melbourne


“Vessel”, a sci fi feature shot over two weeks that cost a mere $15,000 has been slowly garnering attention on the international festival circuit. With a budget cobbled together from Indiegogo donations and personal savings, writer/director Adam Ciancio approached producers Leanne Hanley and Gabrielle Christopher (producers of Michael Rymer’s 2011 film “Face to Face”), who along with casting agent, Jonah Klein agreed to help him produce the film. Premiering in May at Sci Fi London, “Vessel” has also screened at genre festival heavyweight, Fantasia Festival in Montreal where it was nominated for best first time feature and listed as one of the top ten most anticipated films at the festival. In the coming months the film will become more widely available due to it's acquisition by US distributor, Arsenal Pictures.

According to Ciancio, “a film like Vessel is as bare bones as you’re going to get. What makes it look far beyond its modest budget is a talented cast and crew given the freedom to take chances”. The film’s impressive production values were accomplished as a result of extensive location scouting by Ciancio and cinematographer, Aaron Farrugia, as well as their shared interest in minimal lighting.

“Vessel” tells the story of Ash, a man who has the ability to communicate with aliens but is slowly losing his humanity every time he interfaces with one of them. The film takes place over one day as Ash visits old acquaintances and tries to find a possible cure for his “gift”.

Melbourne based and New York trained actor, Mark Diaco plays the role of Ash who dances the line between delusion and reality. The supporting cast includes some of Australia’s finest actors in Chris Bunworth, Justin Hosking, Evelyn Krape, Daniel Frederiksen, Mike McEvoy, Ursula Mills and Georgina Naidu.

The film will be having its Melbourne Premiere at the Palace Cinema Como on September 18th with tickets available online. Further information about the film can be found at the Facebook Page which is linked on the film’s website at