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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has a wide range of investigation and operational support, security risk management, security vetting and information services. Recently the AFP had a major production and editing requirement for which Videocraft helped provide the solution.

Critically the AFP is also responsible for documenting AFP operations for public information and historical purposes, providing vision and photographs of AFP operations to the media, producing training and internal communication products, and producing national and international television advertising campaigns.

Videocraft State Manager Andy Liell explained, “There were three components to the AFP’s requirements – video production equipment, a post production system and lighting. For the equipment we provided Sony PMWEX3 kits, PDWF800 camcorders, Sony HDCP1 cameras, Triax HD HXC100 cameras, RCP1500s, a Panasonic AV-HS400 vision switcher and Panasonic BT-LH2550 LCD monitors. The editing system was designed around an Avid Unity solution and provides shared storage across several edit suites, a live capture suite for the studio, DVD authoring and very quick turnaround – which is a big plus when dealing with post press conference material. The lighting consisted of the latest in DMX-controlled low power, low heat LED lights alongside some traditional incandescent fixtures which allow different moods and set-ups based on production requirements. Due to the nature of the AFP’s business, they are often required to travel at short notice to remote locations. It is imperative they have kits that are 'flight ready' and they chose the EX3 kits for the durability and mobility they provide. The AFP team are able to grab the Pelican case and tripod bag and go. Plus, their members are able turnaround that vision quickly and efficiently from the field.”

The AFP work on a huge variety of projects including being with federal agents to document major police operations such as one of Australia's largest seizures of cocaine, producing national and international advertising campaigns including International Missing Children's Day and Missing Person's Week, travelling overseas with the AFP Commissioner and Minister for Home Affairs and Justice and producing internal training, staff information and promotional videos for the AFP website.

Liell added, “Both the Sony PMWEX3 kits and PDWF800s are a perfect match for the AFP requirements. With the EX3s, the great advantage is the tapeless workflow and the mobility. Their guys often travel as a one-person crew and will be required to cover video, stills and post-production on the road, so of course they need to be able to carry a video kit, stills kit and laptop. The compact EX3 kit means one person can achieve that and work through to post production easily and efficiently on the road. On the other hand, the PDWF800 gives them the ability to shoot full HD, broadcast quality images for their commercial work. Previously, the AFP had to hire broadcast cameras or even outsource this type of work to production agencies at great expense. As they already have industry experienced staff capable of producing fantastic work, matching them with a remarkably good field- production camera made sense. The AFP can now produce these Community Service Announcements and other high-end production work in-house, saving the organisation a lot of money. We worked closely with local Canberra installation company KLM to provide the AFP with the best overall solution and most effective video capabilities. We partnered with Marshall at Barbizon Australia to design, supply and install the lighting system. The editing solution was fully designed and installed by Videocraft specialist technicians. The final result is a versatile, full HD production solution with fast editing turnaround and cutting edge lighting – all of which are used to maximum efficiency by the AFP."

The kit supplied by Videocraft has been used by the AFP in all conditions around Australia from their in-house studio to the Northern Territory, as well as overseas in countries including Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands.

For the latest examples of work produced by the AFP click here.

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