The story of one talented, visually impaired WAAPA student who hasn’t let her disability get in the way of chasing her dreams is among the documentaries created by WA Screen Academy students this year.

Ritchell Lim is a second year student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, studying voice and piano. Her story is chronicled in the short documentary Out on a Lim, directed by Academy Masters student Joshua Walker.

"The number of obstacles Ritchell has overcome and the things she has learned to do are really impressive,” Walker said. “She is a beautiful singer, a talented pianist and a composer. We have been fortunate to feature one of Ritchell’s original songs in the documentary.”

Six short documentaries made by the Academy's class of 2015 will premiere on November 5 at Luna Cinemas. The themes range from tackling obesity to metadata laws, burlesque dancing, overcoming adversity and a mango farmer’s fight against fracking.

The documentaries are:

• Out on a Lim – A singer transcends the senses
• Skin and Bone – To cut or not to cut? …that is the question
• What’s the Deal With Data? – One man’s attempt to unplug from a digital world
• A Spoonful of Sugar – An Aussie performer brings her special sweetness to the London Burlesque Festival
• The Sound Artist – Listening in a noisy world
• The Incidental Activist – A farmer fights for our future.

WA Screen Academy director Dr Cathy Henkel said, "Documentaries are a vital way of raising awareness about significant issues and contributing to conversations about human experience. A powerful documentary can change lives, inspire people to action and bring about change.

“Among the documentaries premiering this year are stories about data retention and fracking in WA. I hope both will generate debate and inspire people to action.”

At the Luna Cinemas screening principal sponsor Channel Nine will announce the winner of the Student of the Year award, which carries a cash prize of $500 and an internship at the channel.

Tickets are available to the public via the Tugg website

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