Blake Lively.

Sony's The Shallows was shot in Queensland, and a large chunk of the effects work was completed by Perth production house Boogie Monster, who created over 130 graphically-driven visual effects shots for the film, in which Blake Lively is terrorised by an angry shark.

Boogie Monster's portfolio of shots was created under the eye of visual effects supervisor Nathan McGuinness. The company edged out a number of international effects houses to get the chance to create the opening and closing main title sequences of the film.

The company's leading VFX artist Phil Hew said “it was inspiring to be part of something truly international and to be working with a director on the other side of the world who trusted us with his vision”.

The director, Jaume Collet-Serra, is best known for Liam Neeson actioners Run All Night, Non-Stop and Unknown.

Boogie Monster was able to move large amounts of data from the west coast of USA to the west coast of Australia and back again using their in-house Gigabit fibre network in conjunction with high-speed file transfer technology.

“The time difference between LA and Perth was perfectly suited as we were able to get a brief in the morning, work locally the whole day and then send work files into the evening, ready for viewing as soon as the director got in for the morning LA time,” said Boogie Monster Managing Director Steve Vojkovic.

Boogie Monster has worked on Julius Avery's Son Of A Gun and Mark Lamprell's upcoming A Few Less Men

“We hope this is the start of larger projects looking to the west coast of Australia for finishing," said Vojkovic. "We have the talent and know how to not only do great work, but deliver it on time and on limited budgets’ which, given the challenging economic times, is just as important."

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  1. Can’t help but feel I’ve seen this film before – the Aussie low-budget
    Cult classic “The Reef” (writer/director Andrew Traucki)…also shot
    in Queensland…and instead of Blake Lively there was Zoe
    Naylor caught between a rock and a hard place!!

  2. Great to see these smaller VFX houses kicking goals on large Hollywood films. Hopefully it’s the start of a vibrant VFX industry in Aus.

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