Aussie intense thriller Wasted On The Young continued its disappointing run at the local box office in its second weekend, taking in just $26,869.

It is still screening on 55 screens across the country, giving it a screen average of an unfortunate $488, despite positive talk. This is down on opening weekend where the Ben C. Lucas film took just over $52,000.

Johnny Depp animated comedy/western Rango, also distributed by Paramount, cleaned up more than $2.7 million in its opening weekend from 296 screens, giving it an impressive average of $9154.

Also featuring the voice of Australian Isla Fisher, the big budget film is Industrial Light And Magic’s first feature animation.

Warner Bros’ Hall Pass only slipped one spot on the box office charts, still taking in $1.5 million across more than 300 screens. It’s now taken more than $4 million Down Under.

Doing similar numbers was Universal’s The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon, which made more than $1.4 million.

Disney’s I Am Number Four just beat The King’s Speech for fourth spot, taking $764,517.

The King’s Speech – which has been at the cinemas for three months now – still collected a further $744,688 from 237 screens, giving it a total of more than $28.5 million just in Australia.

Joining Rango in its first week also included exorcism flick The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins, which took in $409,140 from 81 screens and Madman’s The Company Men which posted $102,791 across just 24 screens.

Furthermore The Fighter is still hanging on in its eighth week across the country, making more than $50,000 across 58 screens.

For a full feature on Wasted On The Young, see the current edition of IF magazine.

Source: MPDAA

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  1. It only goes to show how important an appropriate title is. This is obviously a film for geriatrics only!

  2. “Wasted On The Young continued its disappointing run…” Is anyone surprised? For any film to succeed, you need more than just good product in 55 cinemas.

    Promotion – where is it? Outside film industry mags and blogs, I do not think I have seen an advertisement for Wasted on the Young. A web search (Google, Yahoo and Bing) did not even find an official website for this film.

    At least there’s a WOTY Facebook page, if you specifically search for the Facebook page that is…

    No surprise Rango and Hall Pass do well. They have advertising campaigns – as do all the 10 films listed above.

    And please, no lame excuses like there is no budget left for advertising. If a producer cannot do a deal with distributors and have a realistic p & a budget for a commercial release, do not produce a film with expectations of attracting audiences outside film festivals. The end result is an expensive set of clips for the crew and actors’ showreels.

    By the way, the film’s title means nothing, too. Aren’t there power struggles, lust, revenge, violence, villains and victims in this film? Or does the title refer to the commercial wisdom and maturity of the Australian film industry?

  3. I agree totally with the comment above.

    I heard nothing about wasted on the young, nor did I see a trailer on tv or on facebook

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