By Amanda Diaz

If the internet is the way of the future, then webisodes are where the entertainment industry is heading.

Movie Extra Webfest is a new initiative designed for aspiring filmmakers and television creators.

Entrants create a 60 second trailer with the chance to win $50,000 and the opportunity to develop their work into a seven-part web series.

“Your imagination is your limit,” says judge and spokesman, Gyton Grantley.

The Underbelly star believes that all anyone needs to enter is a camera, a free weekend and a band of loyal mates that don’t expect to be paid.

The competition is being promoted and run through Facebook.

Contestants upload their trailers on the fanpage, with the judges paying special attention to how many comments and likes each entry gets.

The Movie Extra Webfest page has more than 5800 fans. The wall is filled with posts from participants asking questions and sharing information.

“It’s a brilliant way of getting the word out,” says Grantley.

“And it’s really exciting that it’s so interactive.”

There are currently 34 entries uploaded. Grantley cites his favourites as the Apocalypto-esque Blood and Relics and the animated Shaaark!

“You want to be left wanting more,” he says. “The competitors have to know that it’s not just a sixty second trailer. It has to have the guts to be a longer story.

“These days, it’s so hard to get a foot in the industry and this is just a great opportunity.”

Submissions close on November 15. The winners will be announced on January 12, 2011.


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