Event Cinemas George Street General Manager Anthony Kierann describes In The House, Event's fortnightly event showcasing classic films, as more than just a screening program  "it's an experience".

"The program has become a huge community event, a gathering of film buffs eager to see classics on the big screen," Kierann tells IF.

Originally running solely in Event's flagship George St cinema, In The House went national after season three and now plays in SA, WA, QLD and Newcastle. 

The George Street program includes a live interactive pre-show and film review with Channel Seven's Jason ('Jabba') Davis and Supanova Pop Culture Expo's David Quinn, whose pre-record is sent to the other cinemas around the country. 

Courtesy of Event Cinemas, Inside Film is giving away a double pass to In The House's next screening at George St  of Rob Reiner's immortal coming-of-age classic Stand By Me, on March 3 (this Friday). 

Also returning is Niche 505, a screening program begun by Kierann off the back of the success of In The House.

"I wanted to develop another program that’s a bit more arthouse, bit more niche," Kierann tells IF. "[Films] that cinephiles and industry would look at and say: they were influential films in so many ways." 

Last year's line-up included The Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The ABC's Giles Hardie does a two to three minute pre-record for every Niche film. 

First off the block for Niche in 2017 is Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's iconic melding of sci-fi and noir starring Harrison Ford, and screening at George St on March 9. 

To win a double pass to Stand by Me, email hwindsor@www.if.com.au and tell IF in 50 words or less what you love about the film. 

To win a double pass to Blade Runner, email hwindsor@www.if.com.au and tell IF in 50 words or less about your favourite Ridley Scott moment. 

Winners will be able to collect their tickets on the door.

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