Australian screen composers create music for global hits

Music industry body APRA AMCOS proudly supports homegrown screen composers and music creators who help tell Australian stories − not just through our voice and images, butwith the beauty, suspense and drama of a world-class, locally created musical soundscape.

From the aspiring games composer attending the High Score conference, to the winner of the annual $10k Professional Development Award and to the range of winners at the Screen Music Awards — including Amanda Brown (Deadloch), Michael Yezerski (Ivy + Bean) and Lance Gurisik (Samsung Galaxy Earbuds) — we advocate for composers at all career stages and ensure they get paid for their work.

Advocating for the sound of our stories

We are advocating, in collaboration with our friends at the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, to support a vibrant local screen industry. What does this entail? 

• Encouraging Government to understand the long-term value of Australian screen composers to the country’s screen ecosystem and their intellectual property assets.

• Contributing to the design of a local content obligation that results in positive, sustainable outcomes for Australian audiences and industry.

• Protecting copyright in the AI era – carefully considering the opportunities and challenges to the sector.

From Australia to the world

The role of the screen composer is unique – their job is to craft music in service of the story. It’s a job that is often done in isolation and then in collaboration with the director, producerand editor.

We celebrate the composers quietly delivering dazzling work on some of the screen’s biggest global hits. There’s Narayana Johnson (River Boy), who scored video game Cult of the Lamb and won last year’s World Soundtrack Awards – Game Music Award (and made his early game music connections through High Score). 

Melbourne composer Chiara Costanza, who scored music for Netflix zeitgeist hit Heartbreak High and is an alum of APRA AMCOS’ Women in Music mentoring program. 

Bluey was the 2nd most streamed show in the US last year – just behind Suits – with JoffBush‘s iconic soundtrack being sung by enamoured kids and parents around the globe.

Caitlin Yeo’s versatility sees her work on a range of standout Australian stories. Recent scores includes The Dark Emu Story with composer Damien Lane, her award-winning soundtrack for the New Gold Mountain limited series, as well as the critically-acclaimed True Colours.

Amanda Brown followed up Deadloch with a collaboration with Paris-based Aussie Antonio Gambale (Unorthodox) for STAN’s Prosper.

These are just a few of the notable Australian composers – living at home and abroad – who APRA AMCOS proudly celebrates and advocates for. 

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