Hidden cinematic locations await discovery

Nestled in the heart of South East Queensland, Australia, the Sunshine Coast is rapidly emerging as a premier destination for film and television production. With its breathtaking landscapes, professional crews and accessibility, this vibrant region affords a picturesque backdrop and a wealth of talent, creativity and innovation for the screen industry.

The region is well-known for its diverse filming locations. From pristine, uncrowded beaches and lush rainforests to modern urban settings and quaint rural towns with turn-of-the-century architecture, the Sunshine Coast presents a wide range of aesthetic options for filmmakers. This inherent diversity allows for the creation of unique and compelling visual narratives and, combined with its burgeoning community of film crews and creatives, makes it ideal for both domestic and international productions alike.

Productions have access to a pool of skilled individuals locally and can avoid costly travel and accommodation expenses. Additionally, the region has Australia’s fastest east coast data and telecommunications connection to Asia and the second fastest to the United States, thanks to the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network. The cable provides access points throughout the Sunshine Coast for data transmissions of dailies, VFX and completed programming worldwide. This reduces logistical challenges and fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for filmmakers. Its international airport at Maroochydore and close proximity to Brisbane represent simplified and lowered costs for cast and crew travel from around the globe. The region’s range of high-quality accommodations, from luxury resorts to comfortable lodgings, caters to varying budgets and preferences, ensuring a pleasant stay for the travelling components of production teams.

The film-friendly region also boasts a vibrant entertainment scene with a rich array of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences. These local attractions and activities can not only provide ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation, making it an enjoyable location for cast and crew during production breaks, but they can find their way into the production with commerce eager to support the film-based economy. Sunshine Coast Council is committed to working in collaboration with key stakeholders, like the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective, to support the growth of this sector for our community.

The Sunshine Coast represents a smart step in the evolution of film and television production. With our region’s diverse film locations and wealth of local talent available, the potential of the Sunshine Coast as an ideal location for screen productions is undeniable and will

only enhance Queensland’s offering to the industry. The Sunshine Coast is not just open for business; it is the new frontier for cinematic excellence.

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