Library Music: #MakeItAustralian

Our local market is flooded with foreign music libraries vying for business in the Australian production landscape. Finding music by an Aussie artist can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So how do we fix this?

It might be no surprise that while the Australian production community has been lobbying to introduce local content quotas via the #MakeItAustralian campaign, the Australian music industry has been carving out its own path, arguing that composers are part of Australia’s production community – and that local stories should wherever possible be told with a local soundtrack.

One music library was born to solve just this problem. 

Melodie ( is a tech-enabled music licensing solution providing unlimited access to thousands of high-quality tracks & stems, with highly intuitive search tools, and simple licensing.

In 2023, Melodie introduced a unique solution, the “Australia” search filter.  Selecting the ‘Show Australian artists only’ option while searching the Melodie library, enables production companies, businesses and brands to search ONLY music by Australian artists. 

Filter On: Melodie’s ‘Australia’ Filter: Building A Vibrant Local Music Economy.

Importantly, Melodie also shares all revenues with its roster of artists, in perpetuity. So whenever a piece of music is downloaded at Melodie, that artist gets paid. By choosing to download music by Australian artists, businesses can directly support real people in the Australian music industry.

Melodie was founded by composers, musicians and sound editors, all with first-hand experience of the crucial role music plays in storytelling. Since its inception, Melodie pledged to support a thriving creative community, empowering artists to do what they do best – make great music. And being an Australian company representing a predominantly local composer roster, they are always looking for new opportunities to ‘Make It Australian’. 

With a roster proudly representing First Nations artists like Australia Council’s Dreaming Prize recipient, Nooky; a Yuwaalaraay, Gamilaraay, Yorta Yorta and Yuin man, James Henry; and proud Wiradjuri man Gary Watling, Melodie is committed to providing First Nations artists with real commercial opportunities for their musical creativity. As part of this and with the assistance of their First Nations consultants, Melodie has developed an Indigenous Engagement Strategy – an ongoing commitment to First Nations peoples and communities. 

Melodie has also committed to an annual $25,000 investment in First Nations artists, inspired by and in full support of Australia’s incredible Indigenous composers and songwriters. 

Having launched only 6 years ago, Melodie has already had more than 20 million minutes of music broadcast on Australian free-to-air television and VOD platforms in shows like Big Miracles, Real Housewives of Sydney, Bondi Rescue, Dance Life and Territory Cops.

We all know that Australia punches way beyond its weight when it comes to creativity. By choosing to include Australian music in your productions, you are choosing to support real people in our local creative workforce. 

It’s time to complete the creative circle – and make it REALLY Australian. 

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Melodie – local music for local stories. 

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