15 Seconds: Marlo Kelly

Marlo Kelly.

Marlo Kelly has appeared in USA Network’s ‘Dare Me’, played the titular character in AACTA-nominated web series ‘Patricia Moore’ and starred as Skye Peters in ‘Home and Away’.

The biggest issue facing the Australian film or TV industry is: There’s a general fear to take risks, especially for independent creatives, due to a lack of support and funding. As a result we see a huge investment in reality TV programs and reliance on known formulas. 

Best movie quote of all time: I don’t think that’s my call to make but I’m certain whatever Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation was a real zinger.

Do you Google yourself? Sometimes! I think it’s pretty natural to be concerned about the way you’re being represented online. But in saying that I actively try not to and to recognise that I have zero control over the Google algorithm. 

If you could live inside one of your shows, would you? Which one? I’d very happily live inside the aesthetic world of Patricia Moore… as long as there aren’t any cannibals roaming around. 

Favourite comedy film/show of all time: Pen15. Everything about that show is perfection. I’ve never seen something that so accurately portrays the injustices of being 13. 

Worst filmmaking experience? I think it’s still awaiting me. I’ve been incredibly fortunate. I did get a concussion while filming Dare Me… that wasn’t brilliant.

Unsung Australian film/TV hero/heroine? Tony Twist, the dad from Round the Twist. He never judged his kids, even when Pete got pregnant from peeing on a tree, all while living in a lighthouse and maintaining glorious curls.

If I weren’t in the film/TV industry, I’d be… Completely lost. I’ve never wanted to do anything else and never planned for anything else. 

If a film about your life was made, who would play you? Probably one of the 30 different actresses I’m constantly being told I look like… But seriously, if for some reason that film was ever made I don’t think I’d have the guts to make that decision. It’d be too difficult to put away all vanity and ego and pick someone who could truthfully characterise all the facets of you, even the most awful and humiliating parts. 

I’d spend my last $20 on: A cinema ticket. 

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